David Gregory Won’t Be Prosecuted for Technical Violation of DC Gun Law

David Gregory committed a technical violation of DC’s gun law to make a point on a national news show. Conservative gun control opponents are angry.

Obama’s Meet the Press Interview

Obama shows some spine.

D.C. Police Investigating NBC’s David Gregory On Violation Of Gun Laws

Did NBC’s David Gregory violate D.C. law on Sunday?

Governing Requires Compromise

There are factions of the American right that really need to understand this.

Pot Calls The Kettle Hack

Alex Pareene’s annual hack list omits an obvious candidate: Alex Pareene.

Biden-Ryan Debate Mostly A Draw

Last night’s Vice-Presidential debate was combative, but is unlikely to have a major impact on the race for President.

Romney And Ryan Not Providing Details About Their Tax Plan

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are refusing to provide significant details about their tax plan. That’s a mistake.

Rachel Maddow sad face Rachel Maddow sad face

MSNBC Abandoning Its Non-Existent Neutrality Pose

Forbes media critic Jeff Bercovici is a bit late spotting a trend.

Romney Senior Adviser Ed Gillespie: Mitt “Retired Retroactively” From Bain

The Romney campaign went on television to address the Bain issue, but again they just seem to have muddied the water.

No, Hillary Clinton Is Not Going To Replace Joe Biden As Vice-President

The “Clinton-Biden Switcheroo” Scenario is the pundit’s fantasy that will not die.

Cory Booker’s Kinsley Gaffe And The Relevance Of The Bain Attacks

Yesterday, Cory Booker committed the rookie mistake of saying what was on his mind.

Yes, Biden Did Force Obama’s Hand on Same-Sex Marriage

How the Vice-President’s comment’s on Meet The Press led to an historic Presidential announcement.

On The Politicial Impact Of President Obama Endorsing Same-Sex Marriage

Some thoughts on the potential impact of the President’s announcement on same-sex marriage.

Joe Biden Appears To Back Gay Marriage, White House Walks it Back

Did Joe Biden misspeak, or drop a hint that he shouldn’t have?

Do Americans Really Want A President Who “Feels Our Pain”?

We need a lot less fake empathy in politics.

Republicans v. Obama On Iran: Fewer Differences Than You’d Think

The differences between the parties when it comes to Iran are far less substantial than the candidate’s rhetoric would suggest.

Brokaw Objects To Romney Anti-Gingrich Ad with Old NBC Footage

Tom Brokaw isn’t happy with Mitt Romney’s latest ad, which use of a 1997 NBC news report on Newt Gingrich’s ethics.

Mitt Romney Walks Away Unscathed From Yet Another Debate

Watching last night’s debate, you would have been surprised to learn that Mitt Romney has any real opponents in the Republican race.

Rick Santorum’s Disturbing Foreign Policy Vision

Rick Santorum’s foreign policy positions are troubling in many respects.

Republicans Clash At The (Thankfully) Final Debate Of 2011

The final candidate clash of 2011 didn’t lead to the sparring that some expected.

Romney Campaign Begins To Unload On Gingrich

Mitt Romney’s campaign seems have Newt Gingrich targeted.

Barack Obama Tries To Channel Teddy Roosevelt

Barack Obama now looks to the Rough Rider himself for inspiration. Can’t he find it himself?

A President Shouldn’t Just Rely On Experts

Herman Cain’s promise to rely on “experts” should raise eyebrows everywhere.

Abortion Comments Could Pose Problems For Herman Cain

Herman Cain’s comments about abortion could pose a problem for him with social conservatives.

When It Comes To Foreign Policy, Herman Cain Is Dangerously Clueless

Herman Cain’s foreign policy consists of little more than deliberate ignorance.

Herman Cain Tries, And Fails, To Defend 9-9-9

Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 double talk is starting to show

Herman Cain’s Bizarre Immigration Plan: Electrify The Border Fence

Like his tax plan, Herman Cain’s immigration plan is not serious.

Paul Ryan For President?

Some Republicans apparently still aren’t satisfied with the 2012 field.

Opposing Dumb, Unnecessary Wars Is Not “Isolationism”

Contrary to what Senator McCain, seeking realism in military policy does not make one an isolationist.

When Fiction Presages Reality: Musings on Gingrich

Newt is looking a bit toasty to me (not that that is a surprising position to take).