Once Again to Madison and Republics

The saga continues.

Major League False Equivalence

There’s no voting in baseball.

Still the Party of Trump

The disgraced loser remains as popular as ever with his base.

Donald Trump v. Stacey Abrams

Gracious concessions are the norm except when they’re not.

President Donald J. Trump boards Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, Md. Friday, July 10, 2020, en route to Miami International Airport in Miami President Donald J. Trump boards Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, Md. Friday, July 10, 2020, en route to Miami International Airport in Miami

No, Trump Isn’t Above 50%

Let’s just say Rasmussen is an extreme outlier.

A Lame Defense (Really, a Self Own)

Trump basically confirmed all but one aspect of the Atlantic story.

The Voting Dead

Sloppy thinking by those who object to vote-by-mail.

Some Funerals Are More Equal than Others

The rules are different if you’re famous.

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Traffic Signals Not Racist

Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.

How Many Lives Have Shutdowns Saved?

A new study estimates how many lives were saved in 30 American cities.

No, We’re Not Living in the 19th Century

The pandemic is massively more livable given modern technology.

Getting Over What Happened to Elizabeth Warren

Women didn’t vote for her either. But that doesn’t mean sexism didn’t play a role in her loss.

Extolling Trolling

A real world illustration.

AOC’s Outrageous Haircut


Misogyny and Nano-Bubbles

It’s increasingly challenging to discuss media coverage because we’re all consuming a hand-selected bit of it.

Everyone’s Obsessed with AOC

The freshman Congresswoman is getting it from all sides.

Is Twitter a Breeding Ground for Thoughtlessness and Contempt?

Glenn Reynolds announced via his USA Today column that he has deleted his Twitter account.

Media Bubbles

A glance at Memeorandum demonstrates a problem that we’ve mentioned numerous times over the years.

Local Politics as it Should Be but Seldom Is

A race for the Virginia House of Delegates straight out of a civics book.

Sidney Blumenthal Got Paid, Which is Apparently a Scandal

The Los Angeles Times breaks what seems like a non-scandal.

Ben Carson’s Sham Campaign Has Him Tied With Hillary Clinton

The juxtaposition of two headlines at memeorandum is amusing.

Wikipedia Wants to Eliminate The Federalist! Oh, noes!

When I saw the entry at memeorandum proclaiming that “Wikipedia Is Now Trying To Eliminate The Federalist’s Online Entry,” I was flummoxed.

Getting The State Out of the Wedding Business

Why is the marriage ceremony the government’s concern?

ObamaCare Will Push 2 Million Out of Work! And That’s a Good Thing!

A CBO report on the Affordable Care Act is getting a polarized reading.

Bashir-Palin vs. Limbaugh-Fluke

Marin Bashir’s ugly comments about Sarah Palin are being compared to Rush Limbaugh’s ugly comments about Sandra Fluke.

White Male Privilege Exists, Defense Department Points Out

A Pentagon Equal Opportunity training manual points out the obvious.

Institutions 101 and the Sequester

Institutional dynamics in the US constitutional system are the key to undertstanding our current predicament.

When Can Government Force You to Violate Religious Beliefs?

A federal judge poses an interesting question in a case over Obama’s contraceptive mandate.

Romney Lie Technically True, Just Intentionally Misleading

The Weekly Standard is proud that Mitt Romney’s intentionally false Jeep ad was technically true.

Romney’s Closing Speech Was Good, But Was It Good Enough?

Mitt Romney’s speech last night was the best he’s ever given, but it’s impact may have been undercut but several odd production decisions that preceded it.

Kevin Drum’s 10th Blogiversary

The erstwhile CalPundit starts his second decade strong as ever.

Trying To Make Sense Of The Boston Globe’s Romney/Bain Capital Story

A new report on Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital seems to be much ado about nothing.

Mary Cheney Gay Marries (And No One Cares)

Mary Cheney has married longtime partner Heather Poe.

Jeb Bush: Reagan And My Father Have No Place In the Modern GOP

How would modern Republicans treat Ronald Reagan and his Vice-President?

Republican Foreign Policy Establishment Worried About Romney?

The New York Times finds some infighting among old Republican foreign policy hands.

Teacher Suspended After Screaming at Students for Criticizing Obama

A North Carolina teacher screamed and cursed at students for criticizing President Obama.

President Obama Much Bigger Fan of Executive Power Than Senator Obama

Charlie Savage documents a major shift in Barack Obama’s philosophy of presidential authority.

Color Coding Blogs by Political Bias

Andy Baio and friends have undertaken an interesting project: color coding political blogs to track bias.

An Observation about SCOTUS, PPACA and Politics

What we are seeing at the moment is the expected political churn that accompanies something as big as the PPACA case

Alphabet Soup Collision: PR at the UN by the NAACP over Voter ID

The voter ID issue goes on the road.

Twilight Of The RINOs?

The GOP Establishment is in crisis, but it has nobody to blame but itself.

Why iPhones Aren’t Made In America

It’s not just low wages that have kept technology manufacturing jobs out of the United States.

Hank Paulson, The Bush Treasury Department, And Crony Capitalism

Guess who got advance warning of government actions on the eve of the 2008 financial crisis?

Is Twitter Killing Political News?

The rapid spread of information on Twitter is challenging POLITICO’s business model.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I Couldn’t Get Confirmed Today

Supreme Court nominees were confirmed quite easily within recent memory. What’s changed?

Charlie Sheen Symbolizes Western Decadance

An op-ed by a Hao Leifeng in China’s Global Times argues that “Actor Charlie Sheen is a classic example of the difference in Western and Eastern values and norms.”

Who ‘Contributes’ to Public Workers’ Pensions?

Wisconsin’s taxpayers are paying 100 percent of the cost of the benefits programs for state employees. But the benefits amount to a payment in kind.