Alcohol Tax Weirdness

Taxes on wine, beer, and spirits vary wildly from state-to-state and even within each state.

FRANCE 24 | Screen grab of map showing areas controlled by the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq 14 October 2014 FRANCE 24 | Screen grab of map showing areas controlled by the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq 14 October 2014

Authorizations to Unlimited Military Force

Daniel Larison is far less ambivalent about our war on ISIL than me.

Are 80 People Richer Than Half the World? Not Really.

While the issue of income inequality is quite real, Oxfam’s numbers are not.

The Global 1%

Many Of The 2014 Polls Were Wrong, Which Is Why We Should Be Skeptical Of Individual Polls

The results of the 2014 midterms should teach us some lessons about how to handle and evaluate polling.

With One Week To Go, The Midterms Are Looking Good For the GOP

Things are looking good for the GOP to take over the Senate, but there are still several right races that could tip the balance one way or the other.

A Surprise Brewing In South Dakota’s Senate Race?

Is former Senator Larry Pressler surging in his Independent bid to win back his old Senate seat?

UK Poorer Than All US States Except Mississippi

Alabamians like to exclaim, “Thank God for Mississippi.” Perhaps it’s time for that slogan to cross the Pond.

Social Issues Now Benefiting Democrats

Once something that generally benefited Republicans, social issues are now becoming a wedge issue for Democrats.

Despite A Plethora Of World Crises, Americans Oppose Greater Foreign Intervention

Crisis seems to be brewing all over the world, but the American people aren’t persuaded that it’s necessary for the United States to act.

A Democratic Lock On The Electoral College

The Democrats have a big advantage in the Electoral College, at least for now.

USA Isn’t Religiously Diverse

Despite the mythos, 95% of Americans are either Christian or unaffiliated.

We’re 46th! USA!

Scientific Research Is Unreliable, Unreliable Scientists Report

Most peer-reviewed research is crap.

Government Shutdown Hurting Republicans In Virginia Governor’s Race

The government shutdown seems to be having an impact on the one competitive statewide race in country this year.

Coffee Reduces Suicide Risk

People who drink more coffee are less likely to kill themselves.

History Bogarting Its Dissertations

The AHA is calling for a six-year embargo of history dissertations.

Cigarette Ads Returning To Television

Thanks to those new electronic cigarettes, ads for cigarettes are back on television for the first time since the Nixon Administration.

Bringing GDP into the 21st Century

The government is changing the way it calculates Gross Domestic Product.

Official Cause of Death Wrong at Least One Third of Time

We rely on death certificates for epidemiology studies. But they’re incredibly unreliable.

Can We Really Get Government Out Of Marriage?

Is the answer to the same-sex marriage debate as simple as getting the government out of the marriage business, or is it more complicated?

The Platinum Coin Boondoggle

Could a coin like this solve the looming debt ceiling crisis?

Joe Scarborough Answers the “Is our Pundits Learning?” Challenge

Seems that the answer continues to be “no.”

More from the “Is our Pundits Learning” File

Not as much learning going on as one might like, to be honest.

Barone not Learning

Barone tells some tales to make himself feel better.

Summing up the Polling Debate

Dean Chambers of UnSkewed fame, puts the polling debate into sharp perspective.

Rasmussen’s 2012 Polling Has Had A Republican Bias All Year

As in 2010, Scott Rasmussen’s polling in 2012 has shown a distinct bias in favor of Republicans.

What You Think You Know About The Polls Isn’t Necessarily True

Once again, it seems necessary to debunk some commonly believed myths about polling.

Legitimate Reasons To Question September’s BLS Household Survey

While the conspiracy theory is nuts, there are legitimate reasons to be skeptical of some elements of September’s Jobs Report.

Trying to Get a Handle on the Unemployment Figures

There is nothing wrong with healthy skepticism (which is different than outright denialism).

Release Of Jobs Report Gives Birth To The Unemployment Truthers

Within minutes after today’s Jobs Report was released, the conspiracy theorists began to come forward.

The Beginning Of The End Of Polling?

The response rates for opinion polling of all types has become incredibly low.

The Most Serious Aspect of the Poll Denialist Position

Getting to the heart of the problem from my POV (plus historical numbers).

Couples Who Share Housework More Likely to Divorce, Silly Study Finds

Yet another case of breathless media reporting on academic research findings.

Debunking The Poll Denialists

The arguments of the people claiming that every single poll showing Mitt Romney is unfairly biased do not stand up to scrutiny.

Politico: Obama Levels More Personal Attacks Than Romney

A POLITICO analysis finds that “Obama and his top campaign aides have engaged far more frequently in character attacks and personal insults than the Romney campaign.”

Obama’s Solar Panel Tariffs Threaten To Destroy An American Business

Bill Keith built a successful business making solar-powered ceiling fans. The President’s trade policies are in the process of destroying it.

Comparing Athletes Through The Ages

Slate asks “How Badly Would Usain Bolt Destroy the Best Sprinter of 1896?” and answers with an odd “visualization” of unexplained methodology.

What Happened to the Wage and Productivity Link?

What happened in 1970 to decouple wages and productivity?

Obama Leads Romney 70% To 22% Among Latino Voters

Another poll demonstrates the serious problems that the GOP has with Latino voters.

Can’t Find the Suspect? Just Cuff Everyone!

Because, of course, the ends justify the means.