How The DACA Problem Could End Up Hurting Republicans In November

The legal fight over DACA could end up posing problems for Republicans in November.

Megan McArdle Hired as WaPo Columnist

While I don’t always agree with her, I’ve never ceased to be amazed at the sheer vitriol she inspires, given that she’s unfailingly polite, not discernibly partisan, and bends over backwards to acknowledge the merits of competing viewpoints.

Andrew Sullivan Gives The Boeing Back

The world’s most prolific blogger is leaving corporate media and opening the tip jar.

Technological Wonder Loss

We’ve reached a point where our wonder at modern technology fades almost instantaneously and is replaced by annoyance that our technology isn’t better

Can Domestic Policy Affect Income Distribution?

“Can Domestic Policy Affect Income Distribution?” Why, yes, yes it can.

Foster Friess and the Feiler Faster Thesis

Foster Friess, Rick Santorum’s money guy, probably shouldn’t be his media guy.

Civility to Republicans’ Advantage?

Now that Republicans have the House, wouldn’t they be better off playing nice?

Bloated Blog Bureaucracy

Mickey Kaus quips, “Andrew Sullivan has “small staff of four people to help him handle the blog” says NPR. Er, what’s a “big” staff for a blog? . . . In ten short years Sullivan’s created a bloated blog bureaucracy! “

Mickey Kaus To Newsweek

Another new media star is coming to the rescue of an old media dinosaur. Put it’s probably too late.

Blog-Media Convergence

Blogs are all grown up now and indistinguishable from other online media.

The Lie of Shovel Ready Jobs

President Obama was shocked –SHOCKED! — to learn that bureaucracy and contracting hassles delay construction projects.

Blogger Kings

Ping Pong Health Care

Democracy in Action

Too Many Czars

Geezer Envy

Blogging Sells Out?

The End of Network News