Sinking MSNBC to Shuffle Lineup Yet Again

MSNBC’s attempt to be the liberal Fox News isn’t working.

Millennials: Less Patriotic, Or Just Differently Patriotic?

Some surveys suggest that younger Americans are less patriotic than older generations.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Talk To Me Goose Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Obama’s Poll Numbers Dip Again, Time For Democrats To Worry

A grim new poll for the President and his Democratic allies.

Millennials Lean Left, But Reject Political Parties

Young voters reject political parties to a greater extent than other voters, but on policy issues they trend Democratic

Less Than 1/3 Of Young Uninsureds Say They Will Sign Up For ObamaCare

Millenials don’t seem very concerned about signing up for ObamaCare, and they’re not very thrilled with Obama at the moment either.

The Beginning Of The End Of Waiters and Waitresses?

Technology is about the way you order in your local restaurant.

9/11 And The Never-Ending War

The world changed significantly twelve years ago today. Will it ever change back even a little bit?

Younger Workers Don’t Use Phone

Managers want their employees to get off email and pick up the phone.

The New Normal Ain’t Normal

A generation of kids with massive student loans and no prospects is bad news for the status quo.

Millennials Not Buying Cars or Even Getting Drivers Licenses

The under-35 set are buying cars at a lower rate than they used to.

Young Voters Far Less Enthusiastic For Obama This Time Around

Younger voters are starting to become as cynical as the rest of us.

Losing Our Religion

America’s Protestants are dying off and being replaced by non-believers.

Belief in God Low Among Young Americans

A third of Americans under the age of 30 doubt the existence of God, compared to 14 percent 25 years ago.