Romney Campaign Reportedly Planning ‘Aggressive’ Campaign Against Obama

The Romney Campaign is reportedly planning a more aggressive campaign against the President for the fall.

Romney is the Alpha Male and Obama is a Woman (or Something like That)

Wherein a National Review piece leads me to think I am the OTB alpha blogger.

Political Advice For Romney: Act Like A Misogynistic, Plutocratic Jerk And You’ll Win The Election

National Review’s Kevin Williamson has some truly bizarre advice for Mitt Romney.

Obama Winning Even Though He Has Daughters

National Review’s Keith Williamson can’t fathom why Alpha Male Mitt Romney is having so much trouble beating Girly Man Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney’s Path To Electoral College Victory Is Still Very Narrow

Mitt Romney faces an uphill battle in trying to get to that magic number of 270 Electoral Votes.

Obama Leads Romney 70% To 22% Among Latino Voters

Another poll demonstrates the serious problems that the GOP has with Latino voters.

Governor Romney, Just Release The Tax Returns And Get It Over With

Mitt Romney’s intransigence over releasing more tax returns is politically stupid.

61% Say Country Headed in Wrong Direction, Yet Obama Leads Romney

The election is about the economy. The economy is awful. Yet the incumbent still holds a slight lead.

Resistance To A Mormon President The Same As It Was In 1967

Mitt Romney faces the same resistance to the idea of a Mormon President that his father did when he ran for President four decades ago.

Mormonism Sure Is Weird

Jeffrey Goldberg asks, “What if Mitt Romney were Jewish?”

Anti-Mormon Sentiment Increasing

The “Mormon Question” that has long plagued Mitt Romney is being raised again by a new study showing the sentiment rising among liberals and non-believers.

Black Mormons Torn Between Romney And Obama?!

When I saw the headline “Black Mormons Face Tough Election Choice Between Romney And Obama,” I naturally presumed it would lead to a parody news piece in The Onion.

Obama And Romney Tied In Western Swing States

Yet more evidence that this is shaping up to be a very close election.

Is It Too Hard To Amend The Constitution?

Did the Founding Fathers make it too hard to amend the Constitution? No, they didn’t.

Was The Romney “Bullying” Story Good Journalism?

There’s much to question about The Washington Post’s decision to run a 47 year old story about Mitt Romney.

Romney/Huckabee 2012?

All of a sudden, people are talking about Mike Huckabee as a potential Romney running mate.

Romney Accused of Vicious Hair-Cutting

The day after President Obama expressed his personal support for gay marriage, a report has surfaced of his presumptive general election opponent engaging in a mean, anti-gay “prank” back in 1965.

Romney’s Gay Ex-Spokesman

Ruthlessly avoiding fights that aren’t worth the risk is shrewd leadership. But Romney still needs to show he can fight and win.

Grenell Resignation Tied To Social Conservative Flap Over His Homosexuality

Based on the postmortems, it certainly seems like the Romney campaign threw Richard Grenell under the bus.

Mitt Romney’s Incredibly Narrow Path To Victory

The biggest argument against Romney winning in November is the fact that there aren’t many ways for him to get to those pesky 270 Electoral Votes.

The Christian Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Andrew Sullivan wants the Catholic Church to give up its hatred of homosexuals. There’s another alternative.

Republican Slog Continues

Last night’s results ensure the race will continue to the convention.

What Can’t The Government Mandate?

What are the limits on government power?

Romney Fails To Deliver Knockout Punch, Will Still Win Nomination

The race will go on after Super Tuesday, but the outcome seems ineviable

Republicans Clash In Mostly Lackluster Debate

Last night’s debate may have been the last one. It was also the least informative.

The GOP’s Increasingly Weird Delegate Math

It’s looking increasingly unlikely that anyone will have the race for the nomination wrapped up any time soon.

Rick Santorum Thinks Satan Has Taken Over America

Rick Santorum is Michele Bachmann level crazy. Yet he’s arguably the Republican frontrunner right now.

Mitt Romney, Now With More Human

Mitt Romney has apparently realized that people don’t like him much, so he’s working to come across as less robotic.

Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns: Much Ado About Very Little

The reaction to the release of Mitt Romney’s tax returns is about what you’d expect.

Newt Gingrich Wins South Carolina, Republican Race In (Temporary) Chaos

Last night, South Carolina was Gingrich Country.

Mitt Romney Is Still The Inevitable Nominee

Mitt Romney has stumbled this week, and may pay for it tomorrow, but he’s still the only candidate with a realistic chance to win the Republican nomination.

Should Presidential Candidates Be Expected To Release Their Tax Returns?

There’s no law requiring Presidential candidates to release their tax returns. Should they be expected to do it anyway?

South Carolina Tightens As Newt Gingrich Surges

The race in South Carolina is going down to the wire.

Evangelicals Not United Behind Santorum After All

It seems that Saturday’s vote by evangelical leaders in favor of Rick Santorum was less than meets the eye.

Republican Race In South Carolina Tightens

Things are tightening up among the Republican candidates in the Palmetto State.

Ron Paul’s Phony “Chickenhawk” Attack On Newt Gingrich

Last night, Ron Paul decided it was a good idea to bring back the ghosts of the Vietnam War era.

A Traffic Jam At The Top In Iowa

Heading into the last day of campaigning, the race in Iowa is too close to call.

The Republican Candidates And The Separation Of Church And State

The Republican candidates for President are blurring what should be a pretty clear line.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Best Two Out Of Three Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.