Chris Christie Praises Obama Sandy Response

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been working tirelessly to ensure Barack Obama is a one-term president but has been effusive in praising Obama’s leadership during Hurricane Sandy.

American Politics And The Denial Of Reality

It’s no wonder partisans can’t agree with each other when they can’t even agree what the facts are.

Romney Campaign: Embassy Protests Wouldn’t Be Happening If Mitt Was President

The Romney campaign is doubling down on bizarre foreign policy pronouncements.

Mitt Romney’s Path To Victory: Incredibly Narrow, And Perhaps Impossible To Navigate

As the final stretch of the campaign begins in earnest, Mitt Romney faces a very difficult task.

Tom Brokaw Rushed to Hospital (UPDATE: He’s Fine)

Tom Brokaw was rushed to the hospital after feeling light-headed on “Morning Joe.”

GOP Convention Remains Under Threat From Isaac

As Isaac bears down on the Gulf Coast, will the Republican Convention be even further impacted?

Todd Akin’s Rape Remarks Causing Angst Among Republicans

National Republicans aren’t at all thrilled with Todd Akin right now.

One Man’s Truth Is Another’s Outright Goddamned Lie

John Cole takes exception to my recent summary of recent Obama campaign highlight.

Rachel Maddow sad face Rachel Maddow sad face

MSNBC Abandoning Its Non-Existent Neutrality Pose

Forbes media critic Jeff Bercovici is a bit late spotting a trend.

Why 2012 Is So Nasty And Likely to Get Nastier

Dan Balz summarizes what has been “A most poisonous campaign” and is likely to get much worse before it gets over.

Obama Campaign Tries To Distance Itself From “Mitt Killed A Lady” Ad, Lies In The Process

The Obama campaign told a few fibs in its effort to distance itself from a controversial Priorities USA ad.

Romney Campaign Tries To Change Subject, Goes On Offensive

The Romney campaign is trying to shift the narrative.

Will Obama’s Gaffe On The Economy Matter In November?

The President’s comment that the private sector is “doing fine” continues to be a topic of discussion.

Cory Booker’s Kinsley Gaffe And The Relevance Of The Bain Attacks

Yesterday, Cory Booker committed the rookie mistake of saying what was on his mind.

New Obama Ad Attacks Romney’s Bain ‘Job Creator’ Record

A tough new Obama campaign ad highlights people who lost their jobs after a Bain Capital takeover–at a time Mitt Romney was not at Bain Capital.

Why Mitt Romney Is Stronger Than You Think

Republican leaders seem resigned to a second Obama term. Here’s why it’s no slam dunk.

Murder or Self-Defense: Florida Case Raises Questions

George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin met on the night of February 27th. Martin died, and a firestorm has erupted.

Romney Fails To Deliver Knockout Punch, Will Still Win Nomination

The race will go on after Super Tuesday, but the outcome seems ineviable

George Will Wants Four More Years of Gridlock

The conservative columnist argues Republicans should concentrate on winning back the Senate and stopping Obama through 2016.

Foster Friess and the Feiler Faster Thesis

Foster Friess, Rick Santorum’s money guy, probably shouldn’t be his media guy.

Mitt Romney, Now With More Human

Mitt Romney has apparently realized that people don’t like him much, so he’s working to come across as less robotic.

Obama, Contraceptives, And The Catholic Vote

Will the Obama Administration’s decision on contraceptive coverage by the Catholic Church have an impact in November?

Mitt Romney, Al Gore, and John Kerry Birds of a Feather?

Is the presumptive Republican nominee too handsome, too rich, and too pompous to win the hearts of ordinary Americans?

Mitt Romney: A Perfectly Manufactured Nothing?

Is there any there there?

Brokered Convention Fantasy

People who ought to know better are now concocting absurd scenarios to get around a really weak Republican presidential field.

Jim DeMint Demonstrates What’s Wrong With Washington

Senator Jim DeMint demonstrated clearly today what is wrong with Washington.

Good News On The Jobs Front?

Some initial data released today points to the possibility of a very position jobs report tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath.

Iowa Will Be Over Soon, But Not Soon Enough

The constant drumbeat of not-really-news stories out of insignificant little Iowa will soon be behind us.

Blaming Grover Norquist

Grover Norquist has become the target of blame for problems that are far more deep than just one man.

Rick Perry: Talking About The President’s Birth Certificate Is “Fun”

On the day his campaign is set to make a major economic roll out, Rick Perry went the birther route again.

Jon Huntsman Excluded from Debates?

CNN may deny Jon Huntsman a spot in its October 18 debate.

Rick Perry: Social Security Is “A Monstrous Lie”

Rick Perry placed his cowboy boots firmly on the third rail of American politics.

Pat Buchanan Calls Obama ‘Your Boy’ To Al Sharpton

Pat Buchanan referred to President Obama as “your boy” in conversation with Al Sharpton.

Sarah Palin: The Most Significant Woman Of The Past Decade? Hardly

Just how significant is Sarah Palin in the grand scheme of things?

Donald Trump’s Hair Explained

So, what’s up with Donald Trump’s bizarre hairdo? He insists it’s not a comb-over.

Donald Trump: Republican Frontrunner? Or, Harbinger Of Republican Doom?

For the first time, Donald Trump is leading a poll for the GOP 2012 nomination. That’s bad news for the GOP.

Charlie Sheen’s Women

Why is Charlie Sheen seen as likable despite his serial abuse of women?

The Leftward Drift Of The Democratic Party

Oddly, the Democratic Party seems to be responding to the 2010 midterms by moving further left.