Top Gun: Maverick Setting Records

Mild spoilers ahead.

What’s a Freelancer, Anyway?

Labor law has not kept up with our changing economy.

Claire Foy Earned Less Than Her On-Screen Husband for ‘The Crown’

While examples of Hollywood sexism are seemingly endless, this is not one of them.

Black Panther Movie Review Roundup

Some thoughts on the biggest Marvel blockbuster yet. [Modest spoilers]

A Spoiler Free Review Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

You’ll be happy, Star Wars fans. And, don’t worry, no spoilers here.

Is The New Red Dawn The Dumbest Movie Ever?

The new Red Dawn promises to be even sillier than the first.

Producer Admits Atlas Shrugged: Part I Basically A Failure

The free market in action.

Megan McArdle On Atlas Shrugged: An Incoherent Mess

Even libertarians aren’t all that impressed with the effort to bring Ayn Rand’s magnum opus to the big screen.

TRON: Legacy — Flynn Abides

TRON: Legacy is an almost perfect sequel.

Inception Busts Open The Doors Of Perception

Inception has imposed itself as the film to beat for Best Picture and, I would guess, will become the lodestone for “mind movies” for a generation. Don’t miss it.

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