California Bans New Soda Taxes

California’s legislature has moved to block localities from imposing taxes on soda and other sugary drinks.

It’s Now Illegal For Some Adults In Hawaii To Buy Tobacco

If you’re under 21 in Hawaii, you’re still technically an adult but you can’t buy tobacco.

F.D.A.’s Mandatory Menu Labeling Regulations Won’t Work, Could Hurt Consumers

The Food & Drug Administration’s new regulations requiring calorie and other information on menus in restaurants and elsewhere won’t work, could limit consumer choice, and may not be Constitutional.

No, It’s Not Time For A New War On Booze

A supposed conservative calls for massive increases in taxes on alcohol.

NYC School Labels 66-Pound Girl ‘Fat’

According to the New York City Public Schools, this girl is fat.

Florida Will Soon Pass New York In Population

The Sunbelt continues to dominate.

By Wide Margin, Americans Oppose The Nanny State

When it comes to thinks like Mike Bloomberg’s large-sized soda ban, most Americans prefer to just say no.

The F.D.A.’s Misplaced War On Trans Fats

The FDA is declaring war on trans fats. That’s a bad idea on many levels.

Appellate Court Rules New York Large Sized Soda Ban Unconstitutional

Another legal setback for Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s crusade to regulate what New York City residents can eat and drink.

Bloomberg: Take The Stairs

Michael Bloomberg wants New Yorkers to take the stairs. The bastard.

Mike Bloomberg Suggests We Need To Sacrifice The Constitution

The Boston Marathon bombing attacks are leading some politicians to make wildly absurd statements.

Chick-Fil-A,, And Tolerating The Opinions Of Those Who Disagree With You

Sometimes, we just ought to accept the fact that people have disagreements when it comes to hot-button social issues.

Cambridge, Mass. Considering New York Style Soda Ban

Another local official wants to join the War On Big Soda.

Mike Bloomberg Wants To Control The Size Of Your Soft Drink

New York City’s Mayor wants to control the size of soft drinks.

Florida Bill Would Ban Food Stamps For ‘Unhealthy’ Food

Once again, a government entity thinks the average person is too dumb to take care of themselves.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Leaf Us Alone Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Gardasil and the GOP

The Hoover Institution’s Henry I. Miller, MD takes to National Review to take on the subject of “Gardasil and the GOP.”

The Absurdity Of Anti-Bullying Laws

The latest push for laws against bullying is another example of the Nanny State rum amok.

Are We Overprotecting Our Kids?

How did we survive without all the molly-codding kids today get?

Stop Us Before We Eat Again: The Case Against Food Paternalism

They’re from the government, and they’re here to take that tasty snack out of your hands.

Virginia To Seek Expedited SCOTUS Review Of Lawsuit Against Individual Mandate

Virginia will petition the Supreme Court to bypass the normal appellate process and hear the appeal of its lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act early.

Caption Contest Winners

The First Base Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

“Heated Political Rhetoric” And The Giffords Shooting

The tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 19 others in Arizona has started another debate about political rhetoric. It’s a stupid debate, and it’s utterly pointless.

Blizzard Postpones Sunday Night Football: Are We A Nation Of Wimps?

The National Football League’s decision to postpone last night’s Eagles-Vikings game due to weather is receiving a lot of criticism, but they made the right choice.

Palin Disses First Lady’s Anti-Obesity Campaign

Is Sarah Palin really against child nutrition? Or just taking cheap shots at Michelle Obama?

Mom Files Lawsuit To Stop Child From Forcing Her To Buy Happy Meals

A woman in California has filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s because she is apparently unable to resist her child’s incessant demands for a Happy Meal.

Idiotic Idea of the Day

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood wants to install devices in cars to disable cell phones.

Loud Commercials Outlawed

They might not be able to fix the economy or the healthcare system or agree on an efficient tax policy but Congress has managed to reach accord on one of the most serious problems facing America: loud television commercials.

Those Overeducated Ethiopians

Bryan Caplan argues that the fact so many kids in the developing world don’t go to school proves that education isn’t very valuable.

Women’s Work Pays Less – And It Should

Career fields dominated by women tend to pay less than those dominated by men. But gender discrimination isn’t the main reason.

Radioactive Boar Incidents on the Rise

German government payments compensating hunters for lost income due to radioactive boar have quadrupled since 2007.

Soda Bans and Reductio Creep

San Francisco’s ban on sugary drinks is the latest example of nanny state reductio creep.

Brit Happy Hour Ban