Another Round Of Hand-Wringing Over “Negative Campaigns”

Once again, the punditocracy is bemoaning the rise of so-called “negative campaigning.”

What Went Wrong With The GOP

How did Republicans get in this mess?

Occupy Wall Street Outside The Mainstream?

Does “Occupy Wall Street” really represent the people they claim to be speaking for?

Spock is Gay

Breaking news: There’s a gay man in Hollywood.

What “Occupy Wall Street” Is Missing

By looking only in one direction, Occupy Wall Street is missing the big picture.

Occupy Wall Street Not Our Arab Awakening

A meme is emerging that the Occupy Wall Street protests are America’s version of the Arab Awakening. That meme must die.

An Attempt at Unpacking the News Corp Scandal

I must confess to having only paid peripheral attention at first, but it is clear that there is a major story here that requires attention.

Mayor Alec Baldwin?

Actor Alec Baldwin may run for mayor of New York.

Is Rep. Anthony Weiner Guilty Or Just Very, Very Stupid?

It’s just about time to schedule the piteous press conference.

Fox News Frankenstein

Fox News chairman Roger Ailes has come to regret the direction he took the network after the 2008 election.

The Palin Double Standard

It’s apparently legitimate to call Sarah Palin a liar without producing any evidence or bothering to check facts.

Palin For President, With An Assist From Mike Bloomberg?

Political columnist John Heilemann thinks he’s come up with a scenario that would put Sarah Palin in the White House, but his assumptions don’t add up.

8% US Births To Illegal Aliens

A staggering 8 percent of all babies born in the United States in 2008 were offspring of illegal aliens. What are the public policy implications?

Why Parents Hate Parenting

Parenting is hard work and kids are a giant pain. Is it worth it?