Is Algebra Hurting America?

Andrew Hacker argues that, while quantitative skills are “critical for informed citizenship and personal finance,” making kids master algebra to graduate high school has disastrous consequences.

61% Say Country Headed in Wrong Direction, Yet Obama Leads Romney

The election is about the economy. The economy is awful. Yet the incumbent still holds a slight lead.

Obama And Romney Tied In Western Swing States

Yet more evidence that this is shaping up to be a very close election.

Romney Trailing Obama Among Hispanics By Wide Margin

The GOP has a serious problem with the Latino vote, and it may too late to fix it.

Whites Now Minority of American Births: So What?

White babies now constitute slightly less than half of American births.

Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Party Nomination For President

The Libertarian Party has chosen another former Republican politician as their Presidential nominee.

Mitt Romney’s Incredibly Narrow Path To Victory

The biggest argument against Romney winning in November is the fact that there aren’t many ways for him to get to those pesky 270 Electoral Votes.

Why Susana Martinez Won’t Be Romney’s VP

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has really good reasons for not wanting to be Vice President.

Korean War MIA Patrick R. Glennon Identified

The body of Corporal Patrick R. Glennon will be returned to his family for burial, 52 years after he was declared missing in action in Korea.

Romney Campaign Getting Started On The Veepstakes

With the nomination pretty much inevitable, it’s time to start thinking about Romney’s running mate.

Vetting A Running Mate In A Post-Palin World

The vetting process for a Vice-Presidential running mate will likely be very different with memories of the Sarah Palin debacle fresh in everyone’s mind.

The Six States That Will Likely Decide The 2012 Election

Six states are likely to decide the 2012 election.

Republican Candidates Trailing Obama Among Hispanics By Wide Margin

A new poll shows just how badly the GOP is doing among Hispanic voters.

The Return Of The Culture Wars

Are culture war issues about to make a comeback in the 2012 campaign?

Obama Crusin’ For A November Bruisin’?

Things aren’t all sunshine and roses for the Obama 2012 campaign.

Jon Huntsman To Drop Out Of Presidential Race

Not surprisingly, it’s the end of Huntsmania

Rick Santorum: There Are No Palestinians, Everyone In The West Bank Is Israeli

Rick Santorum has some bizarre views when it comes to the dispute between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Gary Johnson Leaves GOP, Declares For Libertarian Party Nomination

Gary Johnson’s quest is quixotic, but interesting nonetheless.

Gary Johnson To Leave GOP Race, Run For Libertarian Party Nomination

Gary Johnson is jumping ship.

Gingrich: Abolish 9th Circuit

Newt Gingrich last night declared that he would abolish the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Gary Johnson May Seek Libertarian Nomination

Feeling abandoned by the Republican Party, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is weighing a Libertarian Party bid for president.

GOP National Security Debate Live Blog

I’ll be liveblogging tonight’s Republican national security debate over at RealClearWorld along with a solid team of foreign policy analyst

Gary Johnson Files Complaints With FEC, FCC Over Debate Exclusion

Gary Johnson is right to be upset that he’s been excluded from debates, but he shouldn’t get the government involved.

Ohio Voters Overturn Public Union Restrictions

Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected a Republican law restricting the collective bargaining rights of public employees–and also rebuked the health insurance mandate central to ObamaCare.

Obama’s Path To Victory

Despite the seeming odds against him, the Electoral College map is very favorable for President Obama.

The End Of America’s Political Parties?

Are America’s political parties become irrelevant?

The Death Of Anwar Al-Awlaki And The Imperial Presidency

Giving the President the unchecked power to kill American citizens raises some serious red flags.

Fast & Furious Update: Federal Funds Used To Purchase Weapons Sold To Drug Gangs

The latest revelations about Operation Fast And Furious raise more questions than they answer.

Gary Johnson Invited to Florida Debate

Two-term New Mexico governor finally gets to share the stage with Herman Cain.

Pennsylvania Ponders Bold Democrat-Screwing Electoral Plan

Republicans have a plan to wrest half of the Keystone State’s electors from Obama.

US Poverty at Record High

A record 46 million Americans are living in poverty.

America’s License to Kill

Killing’s our business and business is good.

Obama at Majority Disapproval; Re-election Likely

51.5 percent of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s job performance. It’s still his race to lose.

Rick Perry Holds Commanding Lead In GOP Race, But Obama Still Competitive In General Election

Is the GOP race really down to just two men at this point?

Assessing Rick Perry’s Vulnerabilities

Rick Perry may be much less than meets the eye.

State Polls Show A Tough Electoral Map For Obama

State-level job approval numbers seem to suggest that the President could have Electoral College worries in 2012.