Bryce Young 1st Alabama Quarterback to Win Heisman Trophy

A historic achievement for the first-year starter.

Alabama Beats Georgia, Back to Playoff

An epic but improbable win.

Atlanta Braves Win World Series

The city’s second major championship was among the most improbable.

Man Killed in Dispute Over Football Game

Disappointment turns to tragedy.

Alabama, Disney, and the Quest to Be a National University

The cost of raising a university’s profile.

NC State DQ’d from College World Series

Stupid is as stupid does.

Stephen Breyer’s Retirement Timing

Should he be worried about the appearance of partisan gaming?

Alabama Wins 6th Championship in Saban Era

The Crimson Tide’s best season is one that shouldn’t have been played.

Another Alabama Coordinator Hired During Playoffs

Steve Sarkisian joins a frustrating trend.

Alabama-Ohio State National Championship

The best two teams in college football play for it all amid some controversy.

The Nasty Politicization of COVID

Our cultural divide over the pandemic is turning us into worse people.

Alabama Reaches #1 for 13th Year in a Row

A mind-boggling statistic.

Speaking of Poor Public Health Policy

Comparing the White House’s approach to that of sports leagues on testing.

Saban Cleared to Coach

Three negative tests have overturned an initial false positive.

Nick Saban Tests Positive

Alabama’s head football coach and athletic director have both tested positive for COVID-19.

Comedy is Not Funny

Is political satire even possible in the age of Trump?

Nick Saban Signs New $7 Million Contract at Alabama

Weeks of speculation that Texas would fire Mack Brown and hire Nack Saban were put to an end yesterday evening.

Mal Moore, Alabama Football Legend, Dead at 73

Mal Moore, who was part of ten football championships at Alabama, has died at 73.

The College Coaching Carousel

FSU’s Jimbo Fisher offers interesting insights into the coaching profession.

Nick Saban Has Been Nick Saban A Very Long Time

In “Eyes on the Prize,” Chuck Culpepper looks at Saban’s first season as a head coach, with Toledo, way back in 1989-90. It seems that Nick Saban has been Nick Saban for a very long time.

The SEC’s Dominance of College Sports

How dominant is the Southeastern Conference? It’s won more titles in the big sports since 2005 than all other conferences combined.

College Football Coaches Salaries Soar As College Budgets Fall

College football coaching salaries jumped 35 percent last year and 55 percent in the last six.

Alabama Wins 14th National Championship; Playoff Needed

There’s no perfect system for choosing a champion but we can do better than this.

Bobby Bowden Retires

NFL’s Rooney Rule