The Polls Are Essentially Meaningless But They’re Here to Stay

They could be overstating support for Democrats. Or understating it. Or be more or less right.

Michael Langley Becomes Marines’ First Black 4-Star General

A major milestone has been reached.

Independent State Legislature Theory

A theory floated in Bush v Gore could radically change American elections.

Democrats in Disarray, Abortion Edition

Here we go again . . . .

Senate Passes Bipartisan Gun Bill

The most expansive firearms legislation in decades is likely to become law.

No, Congress Won’t Create an Abortion Right

At least not right away. But it’s quite possible by 2040.

New York’s Gerrymandering Disarmament

When doing the right thing is the wrong thing.

Ukraine War Ruining Biden’s Plans

Crises tend to be distracting.

Has Trump Finally Gone Too Far?

Republicans are aghast that he’s abandoned his principles.

Proud Boys Leader Turns Rat

A key planner of the Capitol riot has agreed to testify against others in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Trump Losing Sway with Republican Voters?

We can only hope.

Did Mark Meadows Break Electoral Laws?

It would appear to be the case.

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Being Unvaccinated is Like Smoking

A new way to think about the problem.

Banning ‘Insurrectionists’ Redux

Lawyers in North Carolina are trying to get a Congressman off the ballot.

The Disqualification Clause and January 6

A provision of the 14th Amendment to keep Civil War generals out of office is back in play.

Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keeper leader, fatass loser POS Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keeper leader, fatass loser POS

Oath Keepers Charged with Seditious Conspiracy

A year after the Capitol riot, DOJ is coming after the most violent perpetrators.

Mayberry and White America

When life doesn’t imitate art.

Unilateral Disarmament on Gerrymandering

Democrats and Republicans are playing by different rules.

Gerrymandering State Legislatures

Representatives Choosing Their Voters Rather than Vice Versa, Chapter 412.

The House of “Representatives”

The erosion of representativeness continues.

Sexist to Focus on Sinema’s Style?

Why oh why won’t people stop commenting on the lady Senator’s outfits?

The Trial Penalty

Exercising Constitutional rights comes with a price.

Stu Scheller’s Sideshow

The convicted criminal has taken his shenanigans to court.

Chappelle’s Last Netflix Special

“The Closer” delivers more of what people love and hate about the GOAT.

Steve Story, 1976-2021

We have good reason to believe that a longtime member of the OTB community has passed.

What’s Kyrsten Sinema’s Game?

The political calculus of Arizona’s senior Senator is unclear.

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The Bizarre Economics of Media

Not everyone is losing money.

Howard Hires Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates

UNC’s loss is the nation’s most prestigious HBCU’s gain.

NC State DQ’d from College World Series

Stupid is as stupid does.

Nikole Hannah-Jones Suing for Tenure at Place She Doesn’t Work

A truly bizarre controversy at Chapel Hill.

Hamilton on Super-Majorities

Looking to Federalist 22.

The 6 January Commission and the Filibuster

Could this be the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Ransomware Attack Causes Fuel Shortage

The Southeast has been hit especially hard.

The Big Lie Has Become a Litmus Test

Republicans who admit Joe Biden won the election fair and square are being driven from the party.

Census Results Likely a Boost for GOP

The long shift of population from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt continues—with the unusual exception of California.

Vaccine Nationalism in a Global Pandemic

The US has more shots available than willing arms while those in the developing world are dying.

Voting is Too Hard

It’s not just Red states that put up too many barriers.

Vaccine Hesitancy

A third of Americans are unsure they want the life-saving COVID shots.

First Black Woman Supreme Court Justice

Democrats are already jockeying to influence President Biden’s pick should a vacancy arise.

Still the Party of Trump

The disgraced loser remains as popular as ever with his base.

More on the Evolution of US Party Politics

Specifically: the former confederacy and Democratic dominance.

The Smoothest Transition in Decades

We’re witnessing something not seen since 1989.

[Voter Fraud Graphic] [Voter Fraud Graphic]

The Reality of Electoral Fraud

Wherein I detail evidence of fraud and take the Heritage Foundation’s database of fraud to task.

(Many?)(Most?) Republicans Acknowledge Biden WIn

Too little, too late.

Republican Recovery

Further musings on the future of the Grand Old Party.

The Republican Party’s Shame

The Party of Lincoln went over the cliff like lemmings in support. It’s tough to see how they recover.

More Nonsense About the Election

A shadowy flight into the realm of evidence that does not exist.

The Flynn Pardon

Perhaps the most normal thing President Trump has done.