Prosecutors Want To Create Child Pornography To Help Prosecute A Child Pornography Case

The law’s insane over-reaction to teen “sexting” has gotten even more insane in one Virginia County.

On Immigration, David Brat And The Tea Party Stray From Their Own Principles

There is no such thing as a consistent free market, limited government case in favor of restricting immigration, whether legal or illegal.

Virginia County Considers Banning People From Meeting In Their Own Homes

One Virginia county wants to regulate how many people you can have in your home for a visit.

Virginia GOP Candidate: No Incest Exception For Abortion, Because Sometimes Incest Is Voluntary

Perhaps the only good thing you can say about Virginia Delegate Robert Marshall is that, while he may be nuts, at least he’s consistently nuts.

Snow and the South

Gizmodo’s Brian Barrett explains “Why the South Fell Apart in the Snow.”

Federal Government: Electric Cars Will Account For Only 1 Out Of 100 Cars In 2040

The era of the electric car isn’t likely to arrive for a long time, if ever.

Florida Will Soon Pass New York In Population

The Sunbelt continues to dominate.

Joe Manchin: Further Gun Control Efforts Unlikely In 2014

The likelihood of any action on gun control in 2014 is extremely limited

ObamaCare Hits New Lows In Poll

The PPACA has had a rough 2013, and 2014 could be even worse.

McAuliffe Wins, But Virginia Is Still A Purpleish State

The race for Virginia Governor turned out to be much closer than many predicted, but that should not be a surprise.

Four New Polls Show Some Tightening In Virginia, But McAuliffe Still Leads

Some interesting polls out of Virginia today, but McAuliffe is still the clear leader in this race.

November 5th Not Looking Good For Virginia Republicans

With debate season over, it’s looking less and less likely that Virginia Republicans will be able to hold back the Democrats on November 5th.

Virginia Governor’s Race Now Looks Like A Democratic Win

Absent an unlikely major change, it looks like the Democrats will win the Governor’s race in Virginia

McAuliffe Still Leading In Virginia Polls, Cuccinelli Scaling Back Ad Buys?

The Virginia Governor’s race may be slipping too far for Republicans to pull off a victory.

Ken Cuccinelli Distancing Himself From National GOP On Shutdown

The Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia wants a quick end to the Government Shutdown.

Virginia Governor’s Race Tightens, Libertarian Robert Sarvis A Factor

The race for Governor in Virginia is tightening, and Libertarian Party nominee Robert Sarvis is one of the reasons why.

Auschwitz Kommandant’s Daughter

Washington Post Magazine profiles a local woman with a horrible secret: her father designed and ran Auschwitz.

Big Money Republicans Not Giving To Ken Cuccinelli

Potential trouble for Virginia’s Republican nominee for Governor.

More Trouble For Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell

The drip, drip, drip in Richmond is turning into a flood.

John Dingell And The Problem With Long-Term Incumbency

As of today, John Dingell has been a Member of Congress for 20,997 days, a new record. That’s not something to celebrate.

Boy Scouts Of America Votes To Admit Openly Gay Members

A major change in policy by the Boy Scouts.

The Virginia GOP’s E.W. Jackson Problem

The Virginia GOP’s nominee for Lt. Governor could pose a problem for the party.

CIA Amazon Cloud

The CIA will soon be storing our nation’s most sensitive information with a private company.

Snowquester Disappoints

Much touted snowstorm set the DC area atwitter, only to fall short of expectations and yield derision.

GOP Lt. Governor May Run As Independent In Va. Governor’s Race

Virginia’s Governor’s race may be about to get very interesting.

Congressional Gridlock And The Disappearing Swing District

There are very rational reasons behind the current gridlock on Capitol Hill.

Virginia GOP Goes Redder as State Goes Purple

The bizarre dynamics of Virginia politics.

Suing Customers Who Give Bad Reviews

Will your Yelp review land you in court?

Unskewed Polls Guy Now Claiming Election Was Stolen

Dean “Unskewed Polls” Chambers is back, and he’s as deluded as ever.

America Not a Center-Right Nation Anymore

President Obama easily won re-election last night, carrying virtually all of the battleground states. Meanwhile, abortion, gay marriage, and recreational marijuana also won big.

Obama Claims Sequestration Cuts “Won’t Happen”

President Obama seems to have given away the store when it comes to the defense sequestration cuts.

The Beltway Snipers, Ten Years Later

Ten years ago starting today, John Allen Mohammed and Lee Boyd Malvo began a crime spree that kept the D.C. area on a knife’s edge for three long weeks.

How Virginia Went From Red To Purple

Virginia went Republican in every presidential contest from 1968 to 2004. It’s likely to vote for Barack Obama again five weeks from now.

Are Republicans Going To Sacrifice The Senate To Rally Around Todd Akin?

Now that he is on the ballot for good, Republicans seem to be giving Todd Akin a second look. That seems unwise.

150 Years Ago Today, The Bloodiest Day In American History

Today is the anniversary of a significant turning point in the Civil War.

Obama Leads In Three Crucial Swing States

Three new state polls show that Mitt Romney’s path to victory continues to narrow.

Mitt Romney’s Path To Victory: Incredibly Narrow, And Perhaps Impossible To Navigate

As the final stretch of the campaign begins in earnest, Mitt Romney faces a very difficult task.