Pre-Convention Electoral College Wargaming Finds Romney In A Tough Spot

A pre-Convention look at the Electoral College map finds Mitt Romney in the same tight spot he’s been in for months now.

VDOT Proposes Gouging E-ZPass Customers

The Virginia Department of Transportation is seeking to raise money for toll roads through a user tax on their best customers.

Is Mitt Romney Running Against Barack Obama, Or Jimmy Carter?

He may be running against Barack Obama, but Mitt Romney seems to mention Jimmy Carter a lot.

Battleground Virginia: Advantage Obama?

Obama has an advantage in what is likely to be one of the most important states in November’s election, but the race is far from over.

Once Again, The United States Has Not Abandoned Space Exploration

The arrival of Discovery in Washington D.C. has led to another lament about “national greatness.”

It’s Not Debtor’s Prison, It’s Contempt Of Court

Do American courts throw people in jail for failing to pay their debts? No, they don’t.

Obama’s Populism At Odds With His Path To Re-Election

The partisan crowds like President Obama’s populist rhetoric but it seems ill-suited for his re-election strategy.

Republican Congressman Takes on Grover Norquist

Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) took to the floor yesterday to lambaste Grover Norquist and his influence over the GOP.

Americans Support Public Smoking Ban

A majority of Americans want to ban smoking in public; a fifth want to ban it even in private.

Whatever Happened To The Housing Recovery?

Three years later, there are no signs that the real estate market is anywhere close to recovering.

Gravy Train About To End For The Washington, D.C. Area?

Some people in the D.C. area are worried that the Federal spending gravy train may be coming to an end. They should be.

Random Bag Searches Coming To D.C. Metro System

Washington D.C.’s 34 year-old Metro system is about to become the latest stage for Security Theater.

Where Are America’s Pubs? Why, America of Course.

Some DC based hipsters want to know why America doesn’t have good pubs like in London. It turns out, they’re everywhere.

Republicans Sweep Virginia?

In my home state of Virginia, which has two Democratic Senators and went for Barack Obama in 2008, Republicans are poised to take four House districts held by Democrats in the last Congress.

Northern Virginia Tragedy Becomes Part Of National Immigration Debate

A fatal car crash on a country road in Northern Virginia has become part of the national debate on over illegal immigration.

The Capital Strike Of 2010

American businesses are sitting on a big pile of cash, and giving no indication that they have any intention of spending it any time soon.

Byrd Emergency

Tax Anxiety

Obama Wins Virginia

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Patchwork America

Potomac Primary Results