U.S. Points At Iran In Saudi Oil Facility Attack And Trump Hints At Military Action

While the world continues to evaluate the impact of Saturday’s attack on a Saudi oil facility, tensions in the Persian Gulf are increasing.

Acquiring Crimea Vastly Increased Russia’s Potential Oil & Gas Reserves

Not surprisingly, Russia’s acquisition of Crimea comes with quite a potential bonanza in natural resources.

Massive Oil Discovery Puts Outback Town on World Energy Map

Will this new Australian oil discovery shake up world politics?

Remember Libya?

Libya continues to teeter on the brink of chaos.

China And The Future Of World Oil Markets

The world oil markets aren’t too far away from being hit by the shock of massively increased demand from China. Somehow, we’ll have to adapt.

Obama: Oil Companies To Blame For Lack Of Drilling. No, Really

It’s understandable that the President feels defensive about gas prices, but that’s no excuse for trying to sell the public a bill of goods.

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