Bipartisan Budget Busting

It is always easier to compromise on more spending and less taxes.

Sweet Deals: Tax Package Set for Senate Vote

The Senate has constructed the legislation to correspond to the Obama-McConnell deal, sweeteners and all.

Super-Majority Requirements and Fiscal Outcomes (Tax Compromise Edition)

The pending compromise between the two parties on taxes and other policies underscores the fact that enhanced minority power (in this case, the filibuster power) helps contribute to fiscal irresponsibility.

Obama’s Sister Souljah Moment?

President Obama’s press conference yesterday, bitterly railing against Democrats in the Congress for being “purist” and “sanctimonious,” is brilliant triangulation.

How Would I Solve the Deficit

Here’s my plan for creating a budget surplus of $126 billion by 2015 and $592 billion by 2030.

White House Considers Tax Cuts for Business

Facing a difficult economy and a very bad November, the Obama administration is considering a tax cut proposal to spur hiring.

Top 1% Pay More (Income) Taxes Than Bottom 95%

High income earners pay almost all of our taxes.

Newt Gingrich at CPAC

Josh Patashnik Is Insane

My Stimulus Plan

National Sales Tax?