Trump Trailing Major Democratic Challengers In Pennsylvania

A new poll shows President Trump trailing several of his potential challenger in a state that was crucial to his victory in 2016.

Trump’s Midwestern Meltdown

Recent poll numbers suggest that the President is vulnerable in the part of the country that assured his Electoral College victory in 2020, but Democrats are going to have to work hard to flip these states.

Trump Campaign Worried About Pennsylvania

Trump campaign officials are worried about the President’s chances of holding onto a state that was crucial to his win in 2020. They should be.

Opponents Of New Pennsylvania Redistricting Map Suffer Two Big Setbacks In Court

Challengers to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling on Congressional redistricting suffered two big setbacks in court yesterday that suggest that they’ve reached the end of the road legally.

Democrat Holds Slight Lead In Congressional District Trump Won By 20 Points

Tomorrow’s Special Election in Pennsylvania isn’t looking good for Republicans, even if their candidate manages to eke out a win.

Supreme Court Declines To Place Hold On Pennsylvania Gerrymandering Decision

The Supreme Court has declined to stay a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling requiring the legislature to redraw the state’s Congressional District map.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Down House District Map Due To Partisan Gerrymandering

Another win for forces fighting partisan Gerrymandering.

Donald Trump: The Only Way I Lose Pennsylvania Is If Democrats Cheat

Another day, another round of irresponsible demagoguery from Donald Trump.

More Bad News For Trump From State-Level Polling

New polling from the states has good news for Hillary Clinton, and an even less plausible path to 270 for Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton Sweeps Four Of Five Mid-Atlantic States, Edges Closer To Delegate Majority

Another big night for Hillary Clinton, and more bad news for Bernie Sanders.

Trump Sweeps Mid-Atlantic Primaries, Putting Himself One Step Closer To Victory

Another round of victories puts Donald Trump another step closer to the Republican nomination.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Likely To Do Very Well In Mid-Atlantic Primaries

With voters in five states set to go to the polls, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are likely to make significant progress toward their quest for a majority of delegates in their respective contests.

Pennsylvania Will Not Appeal Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

And Pennsylvania makes it 19.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Pennsylvania’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Yet another Federal Judge has struck down a state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Legal Fight Against Same-Sex Marriage Moves To The States

The marriage equality battle is entering its next phase.

Pennsylvania Considers Electoral College Reform

Pennsylvania Republicans want to do the right thing for the wrong reason.

Romney In OH And PA On Election Day: Sign Of Confidence, Or Desperation?

The Romney campaign doesn’t seem too confident of its path to victory.

Is Pennsylvania Really In Play?

Once again, the Keystone State is teasing the GOP.

Judge Blocks Pennsylvania Voter ID Law For 2012 Elections

A victory for opponents of Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law, but likely only a temporary one.

Pennsylvania Judge Upholds Controversial Voter ID Law

A victory for the proponents of Voter ID Laws in Pennsylvania.

New Polls Have Obama Ahead In Three Battleground States

Three new polls show President Obama leading in three key battleground states.