Iraq Is Backing Syria’s Dictator. Why The Heck Did We Go To War Again?

Iraq has become so dependent on Iran for its survival that it is endorsing the brutal tactics of Bashar Assad.

General John Shalikashvili Dead at 75

A legendary American soldier, General John Shalikashvili, has died.

Presidential Reading List

Foreign Policy’s David Kenner has a reading list for President Obama to help him get read for his big speech to recast our relationship with the Arab world. Topping the Persian Gulf section is Crossroads Arabia, by our own John Burgess.

Authorization For Libyan War Set To Expire Next Week, Don’t Expect Anyone To Do Anything About It

The 60 day deadline for Presidential discretion under the War Powers Act will expire next week. Congress won’t do anything about it.

Twitter As Breaking News Source

Sunday’s announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden was the latest example of how Twitter has become the go-to source for “Breaking News.”

The Politics Of The Death Of Osama bin Laden

The impact of the death of Osama bin Laden on the domestic politics is likely to be minimal at best.

Libyan War Coalition One Of The Smallest In Decades

President Obama’s grand coalition against Libya is a lot less than meets the eye.

Libya Coalition Politics

The uneasy coalition that coalesced around action in Libya will be strained by decisions to come.

Generic Republican Ties Obama In New Gallup Poll, Actual Republicans Not So Much

President Obama isn’t unbeatable in 2012. but it’s clear even now that he’s going to be a far more formidable opponent than many Republicans seem to think.

Has a Military Coup Already Taken Place in Egypt?

An interpretation of the events in Egypt.

Why America’s Best Officers Are Leaving

The American military personnel system works against keeping the best and brightest officers in the service.

Wikileaks Releases Diplomatic Cables, Revealing International Secrets

A new round of Wikileaks documents is out, and it opens the door on diplomatic correspondence previously hidden from the public.

Broder, Iran and the Economy

David Broder offers up some odd ideas on the relationship between a war with Iran and the economy.

What Gets Naval Officers Fired?

The Navy has fired fourteen skippers this year. Eleven of those were for personal misconduct.

War-Mongering Over Iran And Israel

According to John Bolton, Israel has a deadline of August 21st to attack Iran’s nuclear program. This is the fourth deadline he’s set in the last three years.

Tariq Aziz Speaks, Says U.S. Troops Should Stay In Iraq

Saddam Hussein’s closest adviser in the 1990s, Tariq Aziz, is talking to reporters, and he wants American troops to stay in Iraq.

Doing Our Best to Boost Property Values in Dubai

Now we’re doubling down on the Karzai government.

Americans Growing Weary Of Endless War

The public is growing tired of America’s Longest War.

Gulf Oil Spill To Hit Atlantic in October

A group of oceanographers suggest that the oil from the Deepwater Horizon explosion will leave the Gulf in a few months. What happens then?

Now That’s a Drumbeat