History Bogarting Its Dissertations

The AHA is calling for a six-year embargo of history dissertations.

Glen Coffee, Former Alabama and 49er Football Star, Graduates Airborne School

When Glen Coffee abruptly retired from a promising NFL career, most wondered what he was up to. Now we know.

AAAS Leader Falsely Claimed Doctorate on Grant Proposals

Leslie Cohen Berlowitz, president of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, is under fire for academic fraud.

Fat People Can’t Get PhDs: It’s Science

NYU’s Geoffrey Miller has done a groundbreaking study connecting obesity, and particularly the consumption of simple carbohydrates, with failure to complete doctoral dissertations.

David Petraeus Joins CUNY Faculty, Brings Intern Experience

General Petreaus is now Dr. Petraeus and will be teaching a 1-1 load a the City University of New York.

29% of Facebook Users Have No Filter Whatsoever

Alex Madrigal reports that “71% of Facebook Users Engage in ‘Self-Censorship.'” That strikes me as low.

PhD Scientist Glut (Not POLITICAL Scientist; We Already Knew That)

Calls for more American kids to pursue STEM careers ignores the hiring realities.

The Army’s Leadership Problem

Tim Kane continues his campaign against the US military’s antiquated personnel system.

Social Class and Higher Education

A rich child is 45 percent more likely to earn a four-year college degree than a poor one.

Pete Dawkins, Most Accomplished Heisman Winner Ever

The title of most impressive Heisman winner of all time goes to Pete Dawkins, who won the award in 1958.

Prestige Schools Dominate Academic Placement

Want to teach political science for a living? Go to one of a handful of top schools or don’t bother.

The Petraeus Scandal Within a Scandal

The scandal that led to P4’s downfall has many layers, none of them flattering to the most famous American general of his generation.

Internet Privacy Does Not Exist

Sometimes, real life catches up with those who think their online life is secret.

Men With Shaved Heads: Stronger, Taller, More Dominant But Older and Less Attractive

Albert Mannes shaved his head when he started to go bald. Now, he has done research showing it was a wise decision.

Applying for a PhD in Political Science

Dan Nexon often gets asked by prospective candidates how they might improve their chances at getting into a PhD program in political science.

Creative Class Myth Debunked?

Does talent spawn growth? Or does growth attract talent?

Ted Nugent Said Something Stupid; I Apologize

Ted Nugent, whose music I really liked when I was in junior high school, said something vile and crazy.

Where Have the Thoughtful Conservatives Gone?

OTB’s comment section as a microcosm of the American political landscape.

War Against Youth?

The old have most of the money and power in our society, a trend that is accelerating.

What Should Americans Know About American Government?

What walking around knowledge about our political system is necessary to be an informed citizen?

Professionalization and Marginalization of International Relations Field

The takeover of academic IR study by the stats geeks is complete.

Do College Professors Work Enough?

David C. Levy argues college professors at teaching universities are overpaid because they don’t put in enough hours.

Cal Thomas, Rachel Maddow, and Civility

Cal Thomas made a tasteless joke at Rachel Maddow’s expense. He describes the lesson in civility he learned.

Military Less Republican Than You Think

The popular notion that the United States military is monolithically Republican is mistaken.

Come on, America, Do Some of that Intervention Shit

Andrew Exum notes that most analysts who call for military intervention fail to specify the particulars.

Newt’s Grandiose Thoughts

A Selection Of Speaker Gingrich’s Thoughts Over The Years

Why the Establishment Doesn’t Like Newt Gingrich

The Establishment opposition to the current frontrunner has little to do with his policy ideas.

GOP National Security Debate Live Blog

I’ll be liveblogging tonight’s Republican national security debate over at RealClearWorld along with a solid team of foreign policy analyst

Newt Gingrich Embodies Everything Disagreeable About Modern Washington

George Will’s disdain for Mitt Romney pales in comparison of his disgust at Newt Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich’s Improbable Rise

So, how did we get to the point where a fat, condescending, serial adulterer who left office in disgrace twelve years ago is the latest challenger for the conservative mantle?

Why College Graduates Don’t Write Good

Michael Ellsberg argues that “Trying to Learn Clear Writing in College is Like Trying to Learn Sobriety in a Bar.”

Class War Within a Class War

It’s the 5% versus the 1% moreso than the 99% against the 1%.

Wall Street Won’t Fix Our Problems

American has real economic and social problems. But the solution in on Capitol Hill, not Wall Street.

Two To Three Weeks To Prevent A Meltdown In Europe?

It’s time to start being concerned about Europe.

Graduate Students Unprepared for Graduation?

A consultant for would-be academics, says she wouldn’t have a job if professors would do theirs.

Congress Investigating Planned Parenthood Abortion Compliance

House Energy and Commerce Committee “is investigating Planned Parenthood’s federal funding, requesting lots of docs.”

86% Approve of Black-White Marriages

Support for interracial marriage is now almost universal across America.

Do Earthquakes Stimulate the Economy?

Either a bunch of bloggers or one of the world’s smartest economists doesn’t understand economics.

No One Said There Would Be Reading . . .

Henry Farrell provides his reading list for his fall PhD-level course on institutions and politics at George Washington University.

75 Percent of Freshmen Not Ready for College

Most students need remedial classes. Whose fault is that?

International Relations Graduate School Pros and Cons

So, you want a career in foreign policy field and are weighing your options….

Stay in School, Drink More

The more education you have, the more you’re likely to spend on booze.

Rick Perry’s Grades

Texas Governor Rick Perry got lousy grades as an undergrad at Texas A&M. Does it matter?

Cornel West is Crazy

Cornel West is a bright and accomplished man. He has his PhD from Princeton and has inspired bidding wars between prestigious universities for his services. But, man, he’s out there.

Film School Bubble

More people are chasing careers in film than there are careers in film. And not just in front of the camera.

Presidents, Generals, and War Decisions

Should President Obama do whatever General Petraeus wants in Afghanistan?

What Sarah Palin Can Teach Us About Writing

A distinguished linguist is quite impressed with Sarah Palin’s facility with the written word.