Tammy Duckworth Leaving VA, May Run for Congress

Tammy Duckworth has resigned as Veterans Affairs assistant secretary and may make another bid for Congress.

Unemployment and Education

Your major matters. But not as much as simply having a degree.

Teaching Math, Science, and the Humanities

Is the college curriculum too heavy in humanities and social sciences and too light on science and mathematics?

Nobel Prize Economist Not Qualified For Fed Board?

Is Peter Diamond qualified to be a Fed governor?

Tyler Cowen’s Productive Mind

A profile of George Mason economist and blogger Tyler Cowen offers this amusing description: “Cowen, 49, has round features, a hesitant posture, and an unconcerned haircut.”

Gingrich: 2012 Biggest Election Since 1860

Newt Gingrich says the coming presidential election will be the most important since the Civil War.

Diploma Mills: Close Enough For Government Work

Most good government jobs require a college degree–but they don’t care much whether it’s a real one.

Disadvantages of an Elite Education

While elite schools confer many advantages on their graduates, they also wall them off from normal people and create an entitled, out-of-touch elite.

Higher Education Bubble: Another Brick in the Wall?

An increasing number of bright observers are questioning the notion that everyone needs to go to college.

Petraeus Predicted Afghanistan Debacle in 1987

David Petraeus’ 1987 PhD dissertation:After all, if a country with relatively few public opinion concerns or moral compunctions about its tactics cannot beat a bunch of ill-equipped Afghan tribesmen, what does that say about the ability of the United States — with its domestic constraints, statutory limitations, moral inhibition, and zealous investigative reporters — to carry out a successful action against a guerrilla force?

How Not to Get Tenure

The experiences of two well-known academics denied tenure at Chicago provide some clues.

Gingrich: Libya Most Badly Executed War Since WWII

Newt Gingrich on Libya: “This is as badly executed, I think, as any policy we’ve seen since WWII, and it will become a case study for how not to engage in this type of activity.”

3% Say Ivy League Produces Better Workers

79% do not think Ivy League students make better workers. 18% are undecided.

James Franco Does It All

James Franco is a film director, screenwriter, painter, author, performance artist and actor. And working on a PhD at Yale.

American Citizenship Test Flawed

Several “correct” answers on the American citizenship test are technically incorrect.

Wisconsin Teachers and Average Pay

Should public schoolteachers make more money than the people paying their salaries?

Who’s A Conservative?

While most Americans consider themselves “conservatives,” some conservatives exclude most Americans from the definition.

Too Many PhDs

We’re producing more PhDs and JDs than there are full time openings for professors and lawyers.

Why America’s Best Officers Are Leaving

The American military personnel system works against keeping the best and brightest officers in the service.

America’s Intellectual Crisis

The institutions charged with solving our Information Age social problems are stuck in the Industrial Age.

Oregon: Plasma Screen Sports, Covered Wagon Academics

While the University of Oregon’s athletic programs are flourishing in a seas of green, its academic programs are woefully underfunded.

So You Want a PhD in the Humanities?

The folks who gave us “So You Want to be a Lawyer?” follows up with “So You Want to Get a PhD in the Humanities?”

Elites: Americans But Not Of America?

Charles Murray argues that the Tea Party is right to complain about out-of-touch elites.

Putting a Price on Professors

There’s a trend toward using metrics to identify ways to stem the skyrocketing cost of higher education. The likeliest result is to devalue the “education” component.

America’s Economic Model a Joke?

Paul Krugman argues that recent economic crises demonstrate that America has failed at corporate governance, banking, and the rule of law.

Women’s Work Pays Less – And It Should

Career fields dominated by women tend to pay less than those dominated by men. But gender discrimination isn’t the main reason.

TED Talks: Online Ivy League?

An essay claiming that the TED talks are “the new Harvard” is gaining some traction from a lot of people who ought know better.

Limits of Transparency

If lawyers and MBAs don’t understand their mortgage documents, what chance do the rest of us have?

Is Academic Publishing BS?

Most academic journal articles are unreadable dreck. So, why are we demanding that more of them be produced?

Elites and Elitists

One can be an elite and not be elitist and vice versa.

Professors on Vacation

Teaching college is a lot more work than outsiders think — although probably not as much work as professors think.

Law School Bubble?

PhD its Own Reward

Media and Polling

Higher Ed Salaries

Libraries: Paper or Digital?

Evolution of Blogging

Meritocracy’s Limits

America may be the land of opportunity but it helps to have a head start in the rat race.