Liz Cheney and the GOP

A quick lesson about American parties.

Biden Strikes Bipartisan Tone

The President used his first speech to Congress as an attempt to unite the country.

The Filibuster Isn’t The Problem

It’s undemocratic and we should get rid of it. But doing so isn’t a panacea.

Weak Parties and the CA Recall

With an appearance by Caitlyn Jenner’s choice of party.

Governor McConaughey?

A new poll from Texas give us a chance to think about parties and nominations in the US.

Peru to the Polls

A problematically wide-open election in difficult times.

Duckworth and Hirono Holding Biden Nominees Hostage

Appoint more Asian American and Pacific Islanders. Or else!

The GOP’s Trump Primary Problem

Nonhierarchical parties strike again.

Arguments Over Definitions

The lack of common understandings and shared assumptions makes political conversations challenging.

The Rise of Negative Partisanship

Yes, partisanship is real. And it influences more than just voting behavior.

Iowa Limits Early Voting

Making it harder to vote in Iowa.

Rush Limbaugh, 1951-2021

The talk radio megastar has died, aged 70.

The Lincoln Project Grift

Its founders are laughing all the way to the bank.

Partisan Control in the Congress

Some political history,

The Leaderless GOP

The Republican Party is not really a thing.

The Centrality of Nominations

American political parties are controlled by the primaries.

No Congressmen in Biden Cabinet?

Competing priorities.

Gridlock is not a Feature, it is a Bug

Gridlock doesn’t mean government stops. It just shifts who is governing.

Why the Polls Were Wrong

A myriad of possible explanations.

There Is No Fraud

The President’s claims have no merit.

It was Intimidation

More on a dangerous and disturbing incident in Texas

The Senate’s Rural Skew

Injecting data into the conversation.

Is Federalism the Real Problem?

A fundamental building block of our system makes it nearly impossible to fix.

politics outrage shouting politics outrage shouting

Perspective on the Current Contentiousness

This is not even close to the worst it’s ever been.

The Continued Politicization of Masks

If you are wondering why masks are political, look no further than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Supreme Court Upholds ‘Faithless Elector’ Laws

States can punish Electors who substitute their judgment for those of the voters.

QAnon and Congress

The GA14 House race.

What the Oregon Senate Primary Tells us about our Party System

This is more about structural conditions than it is about the GOP.

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Political Dialog in the Age of Trump

It’s difficulty to have have a conversation with an albatross hanging over it.

What if the Electoral Vote was Proportional?

What if instead of the unit rule, states doled out electoral voter based on the proportion of votes each slate of electors received?

Are Electors Free to Choose?

SCOTUS and “faithless electors.”

Justin Amash Running for Libertarian Nomination

The erstwhile Tea Party Republican is making a run for President.

The TV Doctors and the Problem of Cable “News”

Cable news “experts” frequently aren’t.

A Quote to Ponder

On presidents

Is Presidential Impeachment Constitutional Dead Letter?

(At least the removal part)

Why Democrats Have to Play By Different Rules

The Republicans are playing a different game.

No, Citizens United Didn’t Ruin Our Democracy

Money has increasingly dominated American politics but the court case had little to do with it.

Lessons For The U.S. In The British Elections?

What lessons are there for the United States in general, and Democrats in particular, in last weeks British election?

The Framers Aren’t All They’re Cracked up to Be

The men who gathered in Philadelphia to write the Constitution were geniuses. But they couldn’t predict the future.

Checks and Balances are not What they are Cracked up to be

Alliance to party trumps alliance to branch.

Conservatives Score Historic Win In British Elections

Boris Johnson and the British Conservative Party scored a huge win in yesterday’s General Election, while Labour walked away with its biggest defeat in a generation.

Poll Finds Republicans Think Trump Is A Better President Than Lincoln

Further evidence that the Republican Party has turned into a cult of personalty built around Donald Trump.

Thinking About Arguing About Politics Over Thanksgiving Dinner? Don’t

Given the times we live in, you may be tempted to argue about politics tomorrow. Here’s my advice — don’t do it.

Federal Court Rules Against White House On Witness Subpoenas

A Federal Judge in Washington, D.C. has ruled against the Trump Administration’s latest effort to stonewall Congressional inquiries.

Why Republicans Probably Won’t Benefit From The Economy In 2020

While the economy is likely to remain at its current levels for the next year, that probably won’t help Trump and the GOP much.

Canceling Primaries?

Four state GOPs appear poised to cancel their primaries/caucuses.

Don’t Politicize The Federal Reserve.

A former Federal Reserve officials argues that the Fed should not lower interest rates to compensate for the impact of the President’s trade war, potentially leading to his defeat in the election. This is an incredibly bad idea.

Boris Johnson Suspends Parliament To Force Hard Brexit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has taken a step that virtually guarantees that the United Kingdom will go ahead with a hard Brexit at the end of October.

No-Deal Brexit Would Be A Disaster For The United Kingdom

A newly released report leaked from inside the British Government notes that a hard Brexit is likely to be a disaster for the British economy.

American Public Strongly Supports Statehood For Puerto Rico

In contrast to the idea of granting statehood to the District of Columbia, the American public appears to strongly support statehood for Puerto RIco.