John Dingell And The Problem With Long-Term Incumbency

As of today, John Dingell has been a Member of Congress for 20,997 days, a new record. That’s not something to celebrate.

Diving Deeper into the TIGTA IRS Audit

Inside the Treasury Department’s Inspector General for Tax Administration investigation into the IRS scandal.

The Violence in England and Sweden

What’s going on in England and Sweden?

Republican Brand Still Damaged, Little Hope Of Repair Coming Soon

The GOP’s public image continues to be bad and there seems to be little sign that they’re doing anything to change that.

Supreme Court to Rule on Individual Contribution Limits

The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether limits on contributions to political candidates is Constitutional.

FARC Ceasefire Deadline on the Horizon

The negotiations continue.

Congressional Gridlock And The Disappearing Swing District

There are very rational reasons behind the current gridlock on Capitol Hill.

The Clinton-Bush-Obama Trifecta

Are two-term Presidencies the new normal?

Unfortunately For the GOP, Democrats Have An Electoral College Advantage

The Democratic Party appears to have a lock on a substantial part of the Electoral College. That poses a problem for Republicans.

Freedom Of Speech Under Attack

Increasingly, the right of people to speak is being sacrificed in the name of “tolerance” and “security.”

Get Rid Of Televised Debates?

Should we stop televising political debates?

How Romney Lost The Economy As A Winning Issue

The biggest surprise of the Presidential race to date is the fact that Mitt Romney has lost the edge he once had on economic issues.

Politics Stinks

There’s no doubt about it, our political culture is pretty horrible.

9/11’s Legacy Of Fear

The 9/11 attacks and our response to them changed America, and not for the better.

Political Conventions Prove Their Own Uselessness

The recent;y concluded party conventions are further evidence that the events have largely outlived their usefulness.

A Bipolar Night At The Democratic Convention

Depending on what time you watched any of last night’s proceedings in Charlotte, you got a very different experience.

Ahead Of Convention, Plenty Of Pitfalls For Democrats

Obama heads into his convention in a good position, but with several potential pitfalls in his path.

Time Of Get Rid Of Political Conventions?

The political convention we know is a 19th Century relic. It’s time to modernize it and make it a lot shorter.

GOP Convention Remains Under Threat From Isaac

As Isaac bears down on the Gulf Coast, will the Republican Convention be even further impacted?

GOP To Change Rules For 2016 Primaries And Beyond

The GOP is set to approve rules changes that will impact the 2016 primaries, and beyond. They’re a good start.

Fix America’s Political Party Conventions By Making Them Much Shorter

The quadrennial political conventions have become, long, boring, tedious, and largely predetermined. It’s time to shake things up by making them a lot shorter.

Politics and Political Science

It would be nice if people who make authoritative decisions had some idea what they are talking about.

What is “Constitutional”?

What does the US Constitution actually provide in terms of guidance for governance?

Resistance To A Mormon President The Same As It Was In 1967

Mitt Romney faces the same resistance to the idea of a Mormon President that his father did when he ran for President four decades ago.

The Big Lie Of The 2012 Election

Both candidates are telling the public that they can change the way Washington works. They’re both setting themselves up to be the source of major disappointment.

Who’s On The Democratic Bench For 2016?

If not Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, who might the Democrats have to choose from in 2016?

The Euro Zone: Join, Or Die

There may be only one solution to saving the Euro.

The Unsurprising Death Of Americans Elect

Americans Elect is dead. This should surprise nobody.

Let’s Get The Federal Goverment Out Of The Political Convention Business

Your tax dollars should not be paying for this.

Whites Now Minority of American Births: So What?

White babies now constitute slightly less than half of American births.

Teaching the Federalist Papers

If we taught the Federalist Papers more rigorously would that lead to a shared view of the constitution?

Hilary Rosen, Foster Freiss, And The Permanent Campaign Silly Season

Thanks to a media that focuses obsessively on irrelevancies, we now have a permanent political silly season.

War Against Youth?

The old have most of the money and power in our society, a trend that is accelerating.

Do We Need More Debates?

There will be no more GOP candidate debates. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

Are Republican Politicians Afraid Of Rush Limbaugh?

The GOP has sold its soul.

Time Running Out For GOP?

2012 may be the last chance for the current Republican Party to win the White House.

Is 2012 1964 All Over Again?

The Republican debacle of 1964 offers some lessons for the current cycle.

Time To Get Rid Of Caucuses

This is no way to pick a Presidential Nominee.

Military Less Republican Than You Think

The popular notion that the United States military is monolithically Republican is mistaken.

The Republican Civil War Of 2013-2015?

If Romney loses in November, it could be the start of a bitter fight insider the Republican Party.

John King’s Question To Newt Gingrich Was Fair, And Newt’s Past Is Fair Game

Getting to the heart of last night’s moment of kabuki theater.

Jim DeMint Demonstrates What’s Wrong With Washington

Senator Jim DeMint demonstrated clearly today what is wrong with Washington.

Last Night Was Ron Paul’s High Point

Last night was the high point of Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign for the Presidency.