Rick Santorum: Let’s Talk About Sex

Meet Rick Santorum, who’s apparently running for Moralist In Chief.

Contraceptive Coverage Rules: Not a New Thing

The issue of contraception coverage and religious charities is not a new one, despite the way it may sound.

A Classically Conservative Argument on Same-Sex Marriage

Maggie Gallagher’s anti-gay marriage argument is an example of pure conservative thinking.

ObamaCare, The Catholic Church, And Religious Liberty

Requiring a religious institution to comply with civilian laws is not a violation of religious liberty.

Is Social Security A Ponzi Scheme?

Whether it’s a “Ponzi Scheme” or not, Social Security has serious systemic problems that must be addressed.

Are We Overprotecting Our Kids?

How did we survive without all the molly-codding kids today get?

Why Can Kids See Violence But Not Porn?

Is it worse for a child to see pornography or graphic violence?

Anthony Weiner’s Wife is Pregnant

Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is several weeks pregnant and desperately trying to salvage their marriage and his career.

U.S. v. John Edwards: Both Sides Are Rolling The Dice

Both sides in the John Edwards case are heading into uncharted territory.

Not All Abortions Are Legal

Desperate women are finding some horrific ways to terminate their pregnancies. Some are being arrested for it.

Bristol Palin Paid $262,500 by Candies, 7 Times Amount Spent on Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Bristol Palin was paid $262,500 by Candies Foundation as an anti-teen pregnancy spokesman. That’s 7 times what they spent on teen pregnancy prevention.

Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Prevent Abortions

PP’s intensive effort to recast itself as a preventer of abortions doesn’t bear scrutiny.

Mike Huckabee Rips Natalie Portman For “Glamorizing” Single Motherhood

Mike Huckabee channels Dan Quayle when he decides to comment on the pregnancy of Oscar winner Natalie Portman.

Why Do Social Conservatives Hate Contraceptives So Much?

The fight over Federal funding for Planned Parenthood seems to be about much more than whether taxpayer dollars should be going to Planned Parenthood.

Abortion Funding ≠ Abortion Rights

Critics of the GOP’s efforts to restrict Federal funding of abortion and related services confuse the concept of the right to have an abortion with the idea that someone has a claim on taxpayer dollars.

On CPAC, Social Conservatives, And GOProud

On the eve of this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, another shot has been fired by those boycotting the meeting due to the presence of a gay conservative group.

House Republicans Want to Redefine Rape

The “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” would remove the exception for non-forcible rape.

Gestation is Destiny

The nine months humans spend in the womb may be the most important time of our lives. And that has some profound implications.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Trailblazer

If there’s an area where our attitudes and behaviors have changed more radically in my lifetime than gender equality, I can’t think of it.

Antibiotics Era Ending?

Mutated bacteria spreading in India could mark the end of effective antibiotic drugs. The medical repercussions would be enormous.