First Quarter GDP Final Revision Puts Growth Below 2.0%

First Quarter economic growth was weaker than originally estimated. What that means for the future is unclear.

Demographic Trends Not Looking Good For Republicans

Republicans are fighting over how best to deal with their demographic problems, but they seem to be fighting the wrong battle.

April Jobs Report: Good, But Not Good Enough

The April Jobs Report was good, but not exactly anything to write home about.

Snowquester Disappoints

Much touted snowstorm set the DC area atwitter, only to fall short of expectations and yield derision.

On Election Eve, The Race Is Close But Obama Has The Advantage

The 2012 Election promises to be close in the Popular Voter, but President Obama still retains an Electoral College advantage.

Romney Running Out Of Time In Ohio And Elsewhere

Mitt Romney has ground to make up if he’s going to catch the President and there’s not much time left to do it.

Mid-Atlantic Braces For Sandy

The Mid-Atlantic region is under the gun.

Previewing Tonight’s Foreign Policy Debate

The candidate’s meet for one last time tonight to talk about some of the most important issues in the world.

Presidential Race As Tight As It’s Ever Been

With sixteen days to go, the race for President is tied.

Romney’s Post-Debate Poll Bump

Mitt Romney has gotten a bump in the polls from Wednesday debate, but it’s still too early to say if it means anything.

Pessimism On Team Romney

There are signs that some Romney supporters have already decided their candidate is going to lose.

Debunking The Poll Denialists

The arguments of the people claiming that every single poll showing Mitt Romney is unfairly biased do not stand up to scrutiny.

6 Million Americans Will Be Hit By ObamaCare Tax Penalty

A lot more people than expected are likely to be hit by the ObamaCare individual mandate tax penalty than previously thought.

GOP Lawmakers Unhappy With Course Of Romney Campaign

Republican lawmakers are starting to express frustration with the course of the Romney campaign.

Federal Reserve Announces Another Round Of Stimulus Creating Money Out Of Thin Air

Ben Bernanke thinks doing more of the same is just what the economy needs.

Romney And Ryan Not Providing Details About Their Tax Plan

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are refusing to provide significant details about their tax plan. That’s a mistake.

Mitt Romney’s Path To Victory: Incredibly Narrow, And Perhaps Impossible To Navigate

As the final stretch of the campaign begins in earnest, Mitt Romney faces a very difficult task.

Ahead Of Convention, Plenty Of Pitfalls For Democrats

Obama heads into his convention in a good position, but with several potential pitfalls in his path.

Pre-Convention Electoral College Wargaming Finds Romney In A Tough Spot

A pre-Convention look at the Electoral College map finds Mitt Romney in the same tight spot he’s been in for months now.

The Impending Fiscal Cliff Presents Congress, And America, With A Fiscal Dilemma

Congress and the American people have a choice to make between two not very palatable options.

Republican Hypocrisy In The Health Care Debate

The GOP’s arguments about the impact of ObamaCare on Medicare are dishonest and hypocritical.

Was The Revolution A Mistake?

Were the Colonists wrong to toss aside the British Empire so casually?

Scott Walker Continues To Lead Wisconsin Recall Polling

Barring an upset, Scott Walker looks likely to survive his recall election tomorrow.

Whites Now Minority of American Births: So What?

White babies now constitute slightly less than half of American births.

42% of Americans Obese by 2030, Up From 35% Today

Americans are ridiculously fat and getting fatter by the nanosecond.

Analysts Say Gas Prices May Have Peaked

Once again, those predictions of $5.00 gas may have been much ado about nothing.

Mitt Romney Poised To Do Very Well On Super Tuesday

Mitt Romney is likely to put considerable distance between himself and his opponents tomorrow.

Gas Prices About To Become An Election Issue

Prices are rising at the pump, and the candidates for President are starting to notice.

Another Debt Ceiling Debacle Before The Election?

We may have to deal with the debt ceiling again before the November elections.

Wyoming Senator Trying To Revive The Dollar Coin Yet Again

Senator Mike Enzi wants to replace the Dollar Bill with a coin. As with past efforts, it’s a great idea that is unlikely to succeed.

CBO Forecast: Trillion Dollar Deficits, Slow Growth, And High Unemployment

The latest projections from Congressional Budget Office are sobering to say the least.

A Final Florida Preview

Voting has started in the biggest primary to date.

Democratic Death Spiral?

A Democrat sees doom and gloom as far as the eye can see.

Social Security Isn’t ‘Cash Negative’ – We Are

Social Security outlays are exceeding its income. Is that really a problem?

Super Committee Super Deadlocked

Not surprisingly, the “Super Committee” to deal with the deficit isn’t making much progress.

Obama Threatens Veto If Deficit Plan Doesn’t Include Tax Increases

The second half of the President’s political strategy is in place. Don’t mistake it for a serious legislative effort.