No-Win Politics of Natural Disasters

Hurricane Irene has been much, much less severe than heralded.

Majority Still Hold Bush Responsible For Poor Economy

He’s been out of office for more than two years, but George W. Bush is still being blamed for the state of the economy.

Social Security as a Ponzi Scheme

Social Security is like a Ponzi scheme in one way but not in other, more important ones.

Don't Steal From Medicare to Support Socialized Medicine Don't Steal From Medicare to Support Socialized Medicine

Medicare Spending Has Slowed Significantly Under Obama

For the past 18 months, Medicare spending has slowed down considerably – especially compared to the private sector.

The Austerity Experiment

If we cannot adequately diagnose our problems it will be even harder to fix them.

Study Finds That Affordable Care Act Isn’t All That Affordable

Another government program isn’t going to bring health care costs under control.

Refreshing our Short Term Memories on the Debt Ceiling Crisis

Some history of the last 7+months.

The Balanced Budget Amendment Is A Bad Idea

House and Senate Republicans are pushing a Balanced Budget Amendment. It sounds like a good idea, but it isn’t.

Tim Pawlenty’s Fiscal Plan: Too Good To Be True

Tim Pawlenty’s new fiscal plan isn’t very grounded in reality.

It is all about Taxes

The main issue, above all else, is taxes.

Is There Anything That Washington Can Do About Gas Prices? Not Really

Congress is coming back to Washington and gas prices continue to rise. Expect a lot of demagoguery, but very little in the way of solutions.

Under Obama, Taxes Are Lower Than Ever

Since Barack Obama took office, federal taxes have been lower for pretty much everyone.

Coffee Consumption: Me vs. The World

I drink more coffee a month than the average person does a year. Indeed, I easily go through more than the 12 kilograms that represents the top end of the scale.

Deficits, the CBO and H.R. 2

When determining the effects on the deficit of a certain legislative action, both revenues and spending have to be accounted for. Indeed, you can’t determine whether there is a deficit, surplus or balanced budget without both variables.

Unemployment Forecast Bad News For Obama

President Obama is likely join the ranks of the unemployed come noon on January 20, 2013 if a Fed forecast is right.

Rand Paul, The Tea Party, And The Phony “War On Earmarks”

Rand Paul is taking some heat for remarks that may or may not indicate that he’s backtracking on his previous vow not to seek earmark spending for Kentucky. Yes folks, the phony war on earmarks is back.

GOP Takes the House

GOP to take the House.

A Wave, Or A Tsunami?

The GOP is headed for big gains on Tuesday. The only question now is how big they’re going to be.

Less Than Two Weeks Out, Republicans Poised For Big Gains

Voters head to the polls in thirteen days, and current indications are that they’ll be handing a big victory to the Republican Party.

Prospects Of Republican Senate Dim

It’s looking less and less likely that the GOP will gain control of the Senate, but they’re going to come awfully close,, and that might be just as good from their point of view.

Chris Christie Kills Hudson Rail Project

New Jersey’s governor has killed a vital infrastructure project because of huge cost overruns. It’s penny wise and pound foolish.

White Self-Pity

White America is within thinkable distance of a moment when it will no longer be the majority.

Debt: Our Greatest National Security Threat?

Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has proclaimed, “The most significant threat to our national security is our debt.” Is he right?

Ireland’s Credit Takes a Hit

A combination of news and some lunchtime satire.

Web Is Dead – Long Live the Internet?

Wired proclaims, “The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet.” It’s great linkbait but completely wrongheaded.

Krugman vs. The Actuaries on Medicare

Paul Krugman’s Medicare projections don’t line up with what the actuaries are telling us.

Tale of Two Cites