Beware The Exit Polls

The numbers aren’t real. Not yet, anyway.

The CA Recall

The system is not defensible.

Is California Recall Unconstitutional?

A novel but flawed legal argument.

Trouble for Newsom?

A new poll show a very close race.

Weak Parties and the CA Recall

With an appearance by Caitlyn Jenner’s choice of party.

Scott Walker In Trouble In Wisconsin?

A new poll suggests that Governor Scott Walker could be in trouble as he seeks a third term as Governor of Wisconsin, but he’s been counted out before only bounce back and confound the doubters.

Wisconsin Unlikely To Go Republican In 2016

Republican hopes that Wisconsin might go Republican this year seem to be slipping away.

Scott Walker Is Running For President

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has formally entered the race for President, but can he overcome his flip-flops and a turn to the hard right?

Kansas Republicans Are Blackmailing The Kansas Supreme Court

Kansas Republicans are threatening to cut off funding for the entire state judicial system if the state’s Supreme Court strikes down a law the legislature likes.

Scott Walker Surges In Iowa, But How Much Does Iowa Really Matter?

Scott Walker surged to the top of a new poll of Iowa Republicans, but Iowa is not a very good predictor of success in the race for the GOP nomination.

Scott Walker Looks To Be Preparing To Run For President

Fresh off his third statewide win in four years, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker appears to be getting ready to run for President.

Governor Thinks Governors Make The Best Presidential Candidates

Scott Walker argues that Governors tend to make the best Presidents. He’s largely correct, but he’s not the only Republican who fits that bill.

Gun Control Has Completely Faded As An Issue Voters Care About

After spiking in the wake of the Newtown tragedy, gun control has faded back into obscurity as an issue voters care about significantly.

Wisconsin GOPer Facing Voter Fraud Charges Claims Amnesia

Well this is a unique defense.

Special Prosecutor: Scott Walker Not A Target Of Investigation

It turns out there was much less to that Scott Walker document dump than the press coverage claimed.

New Scott Walker Allegations Have Little Legal Merit, But Could Affect Re-Election Bid

As a legal matter, the new allegations against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker don’t amount to much. But, will they impact his bid for re-election.

Is Scott Walker Too White To Get Elected?

TNR makes the worst possible case for a proposition that’s almost certainly right.

Federal Court Upholds Most Of New York State Gun Control Law

A Federal Judge in New York upholds, for the most part, that state’s new gun control law.

Joe Manchin: Further Gun Control Efforts Unlikely In 2014

The likelihood of any action on gun control in 2014 is extremely limited

Pro-Gun Control Legislators Voted Out In Colorado Recall Elections

A gun rights victory at the ballot box in Colorado.

Scott Walker: The GOP’s Sleeper Candidate For 2016?

Scott Walker could be the GOP’s surprise candidate in 2016.

Wisconsin Judge Strikes Down Collective Bargaining Law

The battle over Wisconsin’s public sector union reform continues.

How Much Did Money Matter In The Wisconsin Recall?

Was money the reason Scott Walker won on Tuesday? The available evidence says no.

Wisconsin Post-Mortem: Winners, Losers, And What Comes Next

What lessons can we draw from the Wisconsin Recall?

Scott Walker Survives Recall Election In Wisconsin

A contentious political battle that has lasted a year has come to an end.

Recall Elections Are Disruptive And Unnecessary

In an ideal world, today’s Recall Election in Wisconsin would not even be legally possible.

Get Rid Of Recall Elections

Recall elections in a hyper-partisan atmosphere are not a good thing.

Citizens United And The SOPA/PIPA Blackout: Why The First Amendment Matters

Some questions for opponents of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United.

Voter Suppression in Wisconsin?

A Wisconsin DOT official sent out a memo telling DMV staffers not to volunteer the availability of free voter identification cards.