Supreme Court Declines Review Of Rulings Allowing Same-Sex Marriage

By failing to act, the Supreme Court has effectively legalized same-sex marriage in eleven more states.

Justice Ginsburg Won’t Resign Because Obama Couldn’t Appoint A Good Replacement

Once again, Justice Ginsburg is telling people she has no plans to resign, but her explanation is a bit different this time.

Chief Justice Roberts: Neither Scalia Nor Ginsburg Could Get Confirmed Today

Chief Justice Roberts lamented recently that an increasingly partisan confirmation process could mean that Justices who have contributed much to the Court would not be confirmed today. He’s right.

Justice Ginsburg Lifts The Curtain On How The Court Might View The Same-Sex Marriage Cases

Justice Ginsburg had some interesting things to say about the same-sex marriage cases headed to the Supreme Court.

Liberals Still Think They Can Guilt Trip Ruth Bader Ginsburg Into Retirement

Some people on the left are still trying to convince Ruth Bader Ginsburg that she needs to just step out on the ice floe already.

SCOTUS Will Find It Hard To Avoid Ruling On Marriage Equality In The Next Term

The Supreme Court’s next term doesn’t start for three months, but it’s becoming clear that the Justices will have to deal with marriage equality when it does.

Supreme Court: Some Employers Can Refuse To Cover Contraceptives For Religious Reasons

Hobby Lobby wins, but it’s unclear just how far this opinion will go.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones

Another solid victory for the First Amendment from the Roberts Court.

Supreme Court Restricts President’s Recess Appointment Power

The Supreme Court rules that Recess Appointments can only be made when there’s actually a Congressional recess.

The Supreme Court Is The Most Agreeable Place In Washington

Even the most ideologically divided members of the Supreme Court agree with each other 65% of the time.

Supreme Court: Use Of Toxin In Domestic Assault Case Not Covered By Chemical Weapons Treaty

Using a chemical to commit a purely domestic crime doesn’t make you an international criminal, the Supreme Court correctly decided today.

Supreme Court Quietly Revises Opinions With Little Notice To The Public

The Supreme Court, subject to revision.

Once Again, The Supreme Court Upholds Legislative Prayer

The Supreme Court has again ruled that prayers that open legislative sessions are not unconstitutional.

Supreme Court Justices Try To Balance Technology, Privacy, And The 4th Amendment

Today’s oral argument before the Supreme Court on the issue of police searches of cell phones and smartphones left much up in the air.

Supreme Court Voids $3.4 Million Restitution Award To Child Pornography Victim

The Court gets the result right, but their reasoning will make things much more difficult for courts, defendants, and victims.

Supreme Court Further Guts The Fourth Amendment

Yesterday the Supreme Court greatly expanded the circumstances under which police can rely on anonymous tips.

Supreme Court Upholds Michigan Referendum Banning Affirmative Action In Higher Education

The Supreme Court may have just found a way to end the debate over Affirmative Action in education.

Obama ‘Outpacing’ Bush on Judicial Confirmations

President Obama has gotten more federal judges confirmed at every level than his predecessor had at this point.

Happy Birthday Justice Ginsburg, We Need To Put You Out To Pasture

Another liberal legal scholar is calling on Justice Ginsburg to resign. She’s unlikely to listen to them.

Supreme Court Hears Argument On Referendum Banning Affirmative Action

Should states have the right to ban affirmative action? The Supreme Court will decide that this term.

The Roberts Court Hasn’t Been As “Activist” As Its Critics Contend

The argument that the Roberts Court has been overly “activist” does not hold up to examination.

Supreme Court Weighs Campaign Contribution Limits

The Supreme Court heard argument in a major campaign finance case yesterday.

Justice Ginsburg Has No Plans To Retire Anytime Soon

Once, against Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes it clear she isn’t going anywhere.

Ginsburg Resisting Retirement Pressure

Liberal leaders want Ruth Bader Ginsburg to retire so President Obama can appoint her successor. She wants to hang around another decade.

SCOTUS: ‘Can’t Rely on Past’ for Voting Rights Act

The Supreme Court today struck down the most controversial part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Section 4 Of Voting Rights Act

A major Constitutional ruling from the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Punts On Affirmative Action, But Its Future Seems Short-Lived

The Supreme Court’s decision on Affirmative Action in education didn’t go as far as many thought it would, but it’s future in the near-term seems fairly clear.

Arizona Law Requiring Proof Of Citizenship To Register To Vote Struck Down By SCOTUS

Today’s decision by the Supreme Court was, on the surface, a victory for Federal Supremacy, but the issue itself is far from resolved.

Supreme Court: Police Can Take DNA Samples Before Conviction

Another body blow to the Fourth Amendment from the Supreme Court.

Another Big Month Ahead For The Supreme Court

It’s going to be another eventful month for the Supreme Court.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Roe v. Wade Went Too Far

Justice Ginsburg made some interesting comments about Roe v. Wade recently. Could they be a signal about where the Court is headed on gay marriage?

DOMA Under Fire At The Supreme Court

The Defense Of Marriage Act didn’t fare very well during today’s Supreme Court oral arguments.

Judicial Confirmation Crisis

The D.C. Circuit now has four vacancies out of eleven seats.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with a drug-sniffing German shepherd named Aldo, above, in ruling that police do not have to extensively document a dog’s expertise to justify relying on the animal to search someone’s vehicle. The Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with a drug-sniffing German shepherd named Aldo, above, in ruling that police do not have to extensively document a dog’s expertise to justify relying on the animal to search someone’s vehicle.

Drug Sniffing Dogs Create Probable Cause Where None Existed Says Supreme Court

The Fourth Amendment got even weaker yesterday.

Supreme Court Faces Another Potentially Groundbreaking Term

The Court’s 2012-2013 term begins tomorrow morning, and there are plenty of big cases on the docket.

Two-Thirds Of Americans Can’t Name A Single Member Of The Supreme Court

If you can name at least one of these people, you know more than two-thirds of your fellow citizens.

What is “Constitutional”?

What does the US Constitution actually provide in terms of guidance for governance?

The 2012 Election And The Future Of The Supreme Court

Regardless of how the Court rules on the Affordable Care Act, the upcoming election has the potential to reshape the Court for decades to come.

Justice Scalia’s Odd Dissent In Arizona v. United States

Justice Scaiia’s dissent in Arizona v. United States included many odd forays into areas that had nothing to do with the case before him.

Supreme Court: No Mandatory Life Without Parole For Juveniles

Today, the Supreme Court decided that mandatory life sentences for juveniles violate the 8th Amendment.

Supreme Court Rejects Montana Law, Rules That Citizens United Applies To States

An unsurprising decision from the Supreme Court.

Is The Supreme Court Too Small?

One law professor suggests that we need to double the size of the Supreme Court. Is he right?

George Will’s Less Than Lapidary Column

The 1976 Pulitizer prize winner is phoning it in.

Supreme Court Appears Sympathetic To Some Parts Of Arizona Immigration Law

The Solicitor General had another bad day in Court yesterday.

ObamaCare At The Supreme Court, Day Three (Part One): Is The Entire PPACA Doomed?

This morning, the Justices pondered the fate of the PPACA if they strike down the individual mandate.