George Takei Wonders What Happened To The Republicans Who Are Against Big Government

Hey GOP, Lt. Sulu has some questions for you.

Romney, Other Top Republicans, Mostly Silent On Same-Sex Marriage

Mitt Romney and other top Republicans are not taking part in the latest round of the culture war debate over same-sex marriage, for good reason.

Are Opponents Of Same-Sex Marriage Bigots?

The fact that someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re evil

Ninth Circuit Declines En Banc Review Of Proposition 8 Decision

The case against Proposition 8 is headed to the Supreme Court.

Federal Appeals Court Rules DOMA Section 3 Unconstitutional

An unsurprising decision on the Defense of Marriage.

Explaining The GOP’s Relative Silence On Same-Sex Marriage

Republican politicians have largely avoided the topic of same-sex marriage since President Obama’s announcement. Why?

There Is No Such Thing As “Traditional Marriage”

Marriage has always been an evolving institution.

GOP Pollster Tells GOP It Must Change Its Position On Same-Sex Marriage

Some Republicans see the light on same-sex marriage. Whether the party will listen is another question.

Santorum To Romney: Make Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage Part Of The Campaign

Rick Santorum is urging Mitt Romney to go all-in on opposition to same-sex marriage. Not surprisingly, this is bad advice.

Who Wins From Obama’s Same-Sex Marriage Announcement?

Will Obama’s announcement on same-sex marriage benefit him or Romney in the upcoming campaign?

On The Politicial Impact Of President Obama Endorsing Same-Sex Marriage

Some thoughts on the potential impact of the President’s announcement on same-sex marriage.

White House Same-Sex Marriage Games

The White House is playing a game that few people are buying.

Joe Biden Appears To Back Gay Marriage, White House Walks it Back

Did Joe Biden misspeak, or drop a hint that he shouldn’t have?

Republicans Backing Away From Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage?

The GOP seems to be backing away from a position on same-sex marriage that was a prominent part of its message only a short time ago.

Santorum Would Try To Nullify All Existing Gay Marriages

Rick Santorum wants to nullify nearly 200,000 marriages.

Another Step In The Right Direction On Marriage Equality

Another Federal Court rules in favor of marriage equality, and the biggest news is how unsurprising the outcome of the case is.

How Conservatives Have Moved The Goalposts On Same-Sex Marriage

When it comes to same-sex marriage, the right is fighting a losing battle.

Federal Appeals Court Holds California Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

A victory for proponents of same-sex marriage today in the Ninth Circuit.

Rick Santorum: A Straight Dad In Prison Is Better Than Two Gay Dads Who Aren’t

Rick Santorum returns to his old ways when asked about same-sex marriage.

The GOP’s Bizarre Iowa Debate/Forum/Church Revival Meeting

Did you know there was another GOP debate last night? Well, you didn’t miss much.

State’s Rights Is Not The Answer To The Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Does the 10th Amendment contain the answer to the same-sex marriage debate? Not really.

With President Obama’s Backing, Senate Takes Up Repeal Of DOMA

It won’t go anywhere this year, but after 15 years someone is finally trying to repeal a bad law.

David Frum: I Was Wrong To Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

A former opponent of same-sex marriage admits he was wrong.

Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage No Longer A Winning Issue For The GOP

Opposition to marriage equality is no longer the wedge issue it used to be.

Obama Administration Will No Longer Defend DOMA In Court

Huge news in the marriage equality debate today as the Obama Administration has decided not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court anymore.

Texas Forces Gay Couple To Stay Married

A case out of Texas demonstrates quite aptly the absurdity of the current patchwork quilt approach to same-sex marriage in the United States.

Appeals Court Reimposes Bar On California Gay Marriage Pending Appeal

Same-sex marriages are still barred in California, but how long that lasts is in the hands of three judges on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Republicans Avoiding Gay Marriage Ruling

The Republican Party is keeping relatively quiet on the Proposition 8 ruling. That’s a good idea.