SCOTUS: ‘Can’t Rely on Past’ for Voting Rights Act

The Supreme Court today struck down the most controversial part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Section 4 Of Voting Rights Act

A major Constitutional ruling from the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Punts On Affirmative Action, But Its Future Seems Short-Lived

The Supreme Court’s decision on Affirmative Action in education didn’t go as far as many thought it would, but it’s future in the near-term seems fairly clear.

SCOTUS Fumbles On The Fifth Amendment

Yesterday, the Supreme Court narrowly decided a case on the right against self-incrimination that is likely to do great harm to individual rights.

Supreme Court Rules Human Genes Cannot Be Patented

Thanks to the Supreme Court, your DNA cannot be patented.

Another Big Month Ahead For The Supreme Court

It’s going to be another eventful month for the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Puts California’s Proposition 8 In The Cross Hairs

Today’s hearing on Proposition 8 left some wondering if the Court may end up punting the case away.

Same-Sex Marriage Gets Its Day In Court

A big week at the Supreme Court.

Affirmative Action On The Ropes At The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court seems likely to severely limit the use of race-based preferences at public universities

Supreme Court Faces Another Potentially Groundbreaking Term

The Court’s 2012-2013 term begins tomorrow morning, and there are plenty of big cases on the docket.

How CNN And Fox Messed Up The Coverage Of The ObamaCare Ruling

A case study in what’s wrong with the “Breaking News” media.

The Supreme Court’s New Limits On The Commerce Power

While it upheld the Affordable Care Act today, the Supreme Court also placed some clear limits on Congressional power. That’s a good thing.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Stolen Valor Act

The US Supreme Court has struck down the Stolen Valor Act, which made it a federal crime to lie about military honors, on free speech grounds.

Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Immigration Checks (For Now)

The US Supreme Court has upheld the most controversial provisions of Arizona’s immigration law.

Federal Appeals Court Rules DOMA Section 3 Unconstitutional

An unsurprising decision on the Defense of Marriage.

ObamaCare Mandate Limiting Principle

The Solicitor General was unprepared to answer the most predictable question on the ObamaCare insurance mandate.

Supreme Court To Hear Appeal On Constitutionality Of ObamaCare

The Supreme Court will decide on the Constitutionality of the President’s health care law by June 2012.

Obama Administration Petitions Supreme Court To Review 11th Circuit Ruling On ObamaCare

The health care battle is formally joined in the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court To Rule On Warrentless GPS Tracking

In its upcoming term, the Supreme Court will examine the question whether police can track people via GPS without first obtaining a warrant.

Almost Everything You Know About The Supreme Court Is Wrong

Not surprisingly, American’s partisan views on the Supreme Court are pretty much wrong.

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