Is Internet Access A Human Right?

The events in Egypt have led some to ask if the mere act of cutting off access to the Internet is, in itself, an human rights violation.

Will The GOP’s Love For Endless War Trump Fiscal Conservatism?

The GOP is facing a battle between its fiscal conservatism and i’s military adventurism.

Appeals Court Tosses Rahm Emanuel Off Chicago Ballot

The Illinois Appellate Court has tossed mayoral frontrunner Rahm Emanuel off the ballot, saying he didn’t meet residency requirements.

How Did Moscow Bomber Elude Airport Security?

Here’s how terrorists get past airport security: don’t bother to go through it.

Death Toll in Moscow Domodedovo Terrorist Attack Rises to 35

More on the attack at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport.

Is Rep. Giffords In Danger Of Losing Her Seat Due To Being Hospitalized?

An obscure Arizona law has raised questions over whether Congressman Gabrielle Giffords could lose her seat if she is disabled for an extended period.

Alzheimer’s Claims In New Book Lead To Reagan Family Feud

A new book by President Reagan’s youngest son raises allegations that the former President was showing signs of Alzheimer’s Disease while still in office, and that’s led to a family feud between the two Reagan brothers.

Is It Okay To Steal Internet Bandwidth From Your Neighbor?

People find the most interesting ways to justify something that is obviously wrong.

Politicizing Tucson Memorial Service

Factions on the right and left continue to charge one another with trying to politicize the Tucson murders. They’re now nitpicking the memorial service.

House Republicans To Take Up Repeal Of ObamaCare 1099 Reporting Rules

There appears to be bipartisan support for repealing one of the most egregious tax rules in last year’s Affordable Care Act

Snow On The Ground In 49 States

There was now snow on the ground in every single one of the 50 states — including Hawaii, which had snowfall on one of its volcanoes — except for Florida.

Illinois’ 66 Percent Tax Hike

Faced with mounting debt, the lame duck Illinois legislature rushed through a massive tax hike in the wee hours this morning.

NYC Taxis Disappear at 4

Defying logic, New York City taxis are least available when they’re most needed: as people are getting off work.

American Political Violence Rare

While our politics are seldom violent, our violence is often politicized.

Books For Men Who Don’t Read

Andy McNab writes books for people who like video games.

Passport Fees

Getting an American passport will set you back around $230. Is that reasonable?

Why I Live In The Suburbs

Wealthy Manhattanites are clamoring for a new status symbol: their own washer and dryer!

2011: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

President Obama and Chief Justice Roberts are calling for bipartisanship in the New Year.

Of Blizzards And Political Firestorms

Cory Booker, Michael Bloomberg, and Chris Christie have been in the news this week due to the political fallout over their handling of the East Coast blizzard.

The Non-Existent Conflict Between DADT Repeal And Religious Liberty

With DADT Repeal now on its way to being fully implemented, the right is now claiming that it poses a threat to the religious liberties of military chaplains. As with their other arguments, this one is totally without merit.

DADT and Gender Equality

Now that gays will be allowed to serve openly in the military, the command will have some new issues to address.

Palin Disses First Lady’s Anti-Obesity Campaign

Is Sarah Palin really against child nutrition? Or just taking cheap shots at Michelle Obama?

ROTC Returning to Ivies

The repeal of DADT may open the doors for ROTC to return to many elite institutions, if cost doesn’t get in the way.

The Beginning Of The End Of Social Conservatism?

The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is a sign that the political ground is shifting. Will the GOP take notice?

The Digital Trap

You can log in any time you like. But can you ever leave?

Marine Commandant: DADT Repeal Could ‘Cost Marine Lives’

Marine Commandant James Amos is going all-out to keep gay Marines in the closet, saying allowing them to serve openly could get men killed.

Federal Court: E-Mail Entitled To Fourth Amendment Protection

A Federal Appeals Court in Ohio has handed down what could become a landmark ruling in the application of the 4th Amendment to the Internet.

Why Has ACLU Been Silent? Oh.

Complaints from Rush Limbaugh tthat the ACLU is ignoring the intrusions into America’s civil liberties by the TSA are completely unfounded.