Turkey On The Brink?

Has the Arab Spring come to Turkey?

Fat People Can’t Get PhDs: It’s Science

NYU’s Geoffrey Miller has done a groundbreaking study connecting obesity, and particularly the consumption of simple carbohydrates, with failure to complete doctoral dissertations.

GOP Problems With Young Voters: A Messaging Problem, And A Policy Problem

Republicans have problems with the younger generation that they will need to fix if they’re going to succeed in the future.

Bloggers, Media Shield Laws, And The First Amendment

Should bloggers be treated the same as “journalists” for the purpose of the protections granted by media shield laws?

The Obama Administration’s Leak Investigations Threaten Press Freedom

The Obama Administration’s aggressive pursuit of leaks is threatening freedom of the press.

AP Twitter Feed Hacked, Dow Plummets

Why does the stock market care if there is an explosion at the White House?

The Day CNN Melted Down In Boston

Yesterday was not a good day for the Cable “News” Network.

29% of Facebook Users Have No Filter Whatsoever

Alex Madrigal reports that “71% of Facebook Users Engage in ‘Self-Censorship.'” That strikes me as low.

Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, And The Limits Of Propriety

The reaction to President Obama’s comments about Kamala Harris raise interesting questions about propriety in the modern world.

Has Hillary Clinton Learned from 2008 Mistakes?

Will the prohibitive favorite for the 2016 Democratic nomination do it differently this time around?

Blogging > Peer Review Publishing?

Robert Farley takes a shot across the bow at the academy from the pages of one of his field’s most prestigious journals.

Dark Social: The Hidden Web

The “social web” was with us long before the rise of Facebook, Twitter and its kind and that the old style sharing is actually much more important than the new.

Washington Examiner Newspaper Closing, Becoming Weekly Magazine

The Washington Examiner, which for a while became the conservative alternative to the Washington Post, is ceasing daily publication to become a conservative alternative to The Hill.

Army Spokesman: Don’t Criticize President Over Sequester

Reminding government employees that they are employees of the government is suddenly controversial.

White House: Unlocking A Cell Phone Shouldn’t Be A Crime

The White House is backing an effort to overturn a bizarre ruled recently enacted by the Library of Congress

Republican Obsolescence: Ideas, Not Technology

NYT Magazine asks “Can the Republicans be Saved From Obsolescence?”

Bill Clinton Warns Democrats Against Overreaching On Gun Debate

Bill Clinton has a warning for his fellow Democrats.

Has Social Media Taken The Sting Out Of Political Scandal?

Does the public still care about the personal transgressions of politicians? The evidence seems to suggest they don’t.

Footnoting Social Media

Blake Hounshell finds the footnotes in Andy Carvin’s latest book somewhat amusing:

Dick Armey Quits FreedomWorks in Huff

Dick Armey has resigned as chairman of Tea Party group FreedomWorks over unspecified principles.

Twitter Hoax: SEAL Who Killed bin Laden Killed in Battle

Trending on Twitter this morning: “R.I.P. Paul Davis. The Navy Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden died in battle today. Retweet to honor him.”

It’s Illegal to Photograph Your Ballot. In America.

Posting pictures of your ballot to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a crime in some parts of America.

Get Ready For The Post-Election Truthers

Will conservatives freak out if Romney loses? That’s pretty much guaranteed.

Report: U.S. Knew Benghazi Attack Was Terrorism Within 24 Hours

The Administration’s decision to stick with the meme that the Benghazi attack was about a movie becomes more puzzling.

Pirate Party Leader Fights Illegal Downloads of Her Book

A Pirate Party leader has been policing illegal downloads of her copyrighted book.

The Sorry State of Science Writing

Seth Mnookin laments a series of embarrassing failures in science writing in recent months but rejoices in the rich dialog that followed.

Judge Rules That What You Post On Facebook Can Be Used As Evidence Against You

As far as the law is concerned, your social media accounts aren’t private at all.

Facebook’s Share Price Continues To Tumble As Reality Sets In

Facebook’s stock has lost nearly 50% of its value since the company went public, and the plunge probably isn’t over.

Civil Rights Group Alleges Discrimination By Chick-Fil-A Because Of Dan Cathy’s Opinion

The latest round of the Chick-fil-A controversy is perhaps the most absurd yet.

NBC’s 20th Century Olympics Coverage In A 21st Century World

NBC’s Olympic coverage doesn’t necessarily recognize the realities of social networking and the 24 hour news cycle.

Citizens United Was About Freedom Of Speech, Not “Corporate Rights.”

Opponents of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United continue to miss the point of what the case was really about.

Journalists As Opposition Researchers

Jonathan Chait makes an astute observation about the media’s role in meme generation.