Vancouver Riot Kiss Scott Jones and Alex Thomas by Rich Lam Vancouver Riot Kiss Scott Jones and Alex Thomas by Rich Lam

Does Privacy Still Exist?

When everyone can record video at any time and post it to for all the world to see, is there such a thing as privacy anymore?

Weiner Admits Messaging with 17-Year-Old Girl

Where’s the line when a public figure interacts with a teenage fan?

In Wake Of Weiner, Fewer Congressional Tweets

Perhaps understandably, the Anthony Weiner incident seems to have caused some politicians to rethink their Twitter strategy.

Writing for Free Doesn’t Pay Well

It’s hard to get paid for work others will do for nothing.

The Twitter Trap?

Has technology robbed us of more than it’s given in return?

Will Video Chat Take Off?

Video calling is becoming widely available. Will it become as common as talking on the phone?

How Perpetual War Became U.S. Ideology

Why the United States has found itself in a seemingly endless series of wars over the past two decades.

Twitter As Breaking News Source

Sunday’s announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden was the latest example of how Twitter has become the go-to source for “Breaking News.”

Information Overload Not New

While complaints that there’s too much information for intellectuals to sort through, much less read, are constant, they’re not new. Harvard historian Ann Blair argues in her new book Too Much to Know: Managing Scholarly Information Before the Modern Age that this stress goes back at least to Seneca’s time.

New York Times Announces Paywall Rates To Begin March 28th

In less than two weeks, much of the content of The New York Times will go behind a paywall.

Anatomy of a Meme: How the P.J. Crowley Quote Went Viral

Philippa Thomas has a fascinating take on how she broke the news of (now former) State Department P.J. Crowley’s condemnation of the Obama administration’s treatment of Bradley Manning.

Facebook Underage Users

Facebook limits accounts to those who say that they are at least 13 years old. Shockingly, some kids lie to get on the popular social network.

Gmail Smart Labels

Gmail has introduced another feature to help people deal with inbox overload: Smart Labels.

Charlie Sheen Fired from ‘Two and a Half Men’

Charlie Sheen was the highest paid sitcom actor on the planet. Until a few minutes ago:

Facebook Comments and the Authenticity of Multiple Identities

The lines between our public and professional identities and our private and social ones continue to blur.

Andrew Sullivan Joins Daily Beast

While the prestige outlets of the halcyon days of the last millennium still hold some cachet for those of us old enough to remember that era, they mean next to nothing on the Web.

What Should The U.S. Do About Libya? Most Americans Say Nothing

Calls are coming from both sides of the aisle for the U.S. to do “something” about the situation in Libya. It would be better if we didn’t get involved.

Want A Job: Give Us Your Facebook Password

Should employers be allowed to ask for your Facebook login as a condition of employment?

Facebook Adds Gay Friendly Status Options

Facebook has come up with new settings to meet the needs of users in same-sex relationships.

Is Email Dead?

Is social media killing electronic mail?

Nir Rosen Lara Logan Twitter Controversy

Tweeting feels like IM’ing but it’s more like blogging.

Obama’s Propaganda Machine

The White House Press Office produces a blog, YouTube channel, Flickr photo stream, Facebook and Twitter profiles, and daily video programming.

An Intelligence Failure In The Middle East?

Some in Washington are claiming the intelligence community missed the warning signs of unrest in Tunisia and Egypt in what looks like little more than an effort to create scapegoats if things go wrong.

O’Donnell’s Dubious Academic History

Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell has a history of embellishing her educational history.

Facebook’s Business Model

Facebook’s 26-year-old founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is one of the wealthiest men in America. Most of his work force is unpaid.

Fenty Ouster A Black Tea Party

The Tea Party movement and the populist backlash against DC mayor Adrian Fenty are a sign that things are changing so fast that a lot of people simply can’t adjust.

Koran Burning And Media Navel Gazing

The media is now starting to look at it’s own role in the whole Koran burning story, but the truth is that there really wasn’t any way they could’ve ignored the story.

Is TV Too Complicated?

Has the digitization of entertainment — DVRs, iPods, iPods, digital cameras, Netflix, and so forth — transformed it from fun into work?

Sexing Up Headlines

It’s getting harder and harder to tell blogs from newspapers.

Social Network Omissions Reveal More Than You Think

Your Tweets, Facebook wall posts, and FourSquare announcements obviously provide a lot of insights into your life. But so does what you’re not posting.

Breaking: Twitter Doesn’t Matter

Technology guru Leo Laporte had been using Google Buzz to aggregate his social media presence for a few weeks and discovered that his feed had stopped going out and discovered that nobody gave a damn.

Web Ruled By Maniacs

The secret to getting big traffic on the Internet is to target bored office workers and crazy people.

Jenny The Dry Erase HOPA Hoax

Jenny, the hottie who quit her job in style using a dry erase board and became an Internet sensation, is actually an actress named Elyse Porterfield.

Facebook Most Popular, Most Annoying Site

While people keep flocking to Facebook in droves, the site has the lowest satisfaction rating of any e-business site.

Headlines as News Content

News headlines are increasingly divorced from the article content, with serious connotations for a nation of skimmers.

Managing Online Relationships

What do you do when you’ve reached Twitter Terminal Velocity?

Social Media Sharecroppers

We’re all unpaid employees of Facebook.