Pentagon Report “Doubts” Some Comments Attributed To McChrystal By Rolling Stone

A Pentagon investigation was unable to verify some of the comments attributed to General Stanley McChrystal in Rolling Stone last year. That doesn’t mean he’s been cleared, though.

Military Coup of 2012

Perhaps the biggest insight from Bob Woodward’s latest book is the sharpness of the split between the military and civilian leadership.

Stanley McChrystal Retires

General Stanley McChrystal retired with full honors while being lauded by the Secretary of Defense.

What’s Next for Stanley McChrystal?

Is political office in Stan McChrystal’s future?

Did Rolling Stone Violate Journalistic Ethics In McChrystal Interview ?

Does it matter if the controversial McChrystal comments were “off the record” ? No, it doesn’t.

Praise for the Military

While praise for the military often goes overboard, the reaction to the McChrystal flap shows our armed forces at their finest.

McChrystal Tweets

Firing McChrystal: Anatomy of a Decision

Both President Obama and General McChrystal handled a bad situation incredibly well.

McChrystal Fired, Petraeus to Afghanistan

President Obama has relieved General Stanley Chrystal of command of ISAF.

Afghanistan Reboot Needed

Stanley McChrystal is being called to face Obama’s national security team this morning. They should take the opportunity to come up with coherent Afghanistan policy.

McChrystal ‘Stitched Up’ by Rolling Stone?

Are we making too much of Stanley McChrystal’s remarks?

Question Of The Day: Will He Stay Or Will He Go ?

There’s really only one story in Washington, D.C. today, and Stanley McChrystal is the star player.

McChrystal Summoned to Washington

General Stanley McChrystal has not only likely ended his career but seriously damaged the already dimming chances of success in Afghanistan.

General McChrystal Crosses The Line

General Stanley McChrystal is opening his mouth again and, this time, it could cost him his job.

Why “Befuddled”?

Debating Afghanistan