Ralph Puckett Gets Medal of Honor 70 Years Too Late

The 94-year-old legend is finally getting his due.

Congressman Seth Moulton Ends Presidential Bid

Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton is ending a Presidential bid that few people were paying attention to.

McConville Hearings Highlight Military as Family Business

All three children of the next head of the Army are following in his footsteps.

Greater Deference to Generals Has Undermined Civilian Control of the Military

I’m in the New York Times’ “Room for Debate” with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Duke’s Peter Feaver.

Joe Biden For Secretary Of State?

According to reports, Vice-President Biden is on a Clinton campaign short list for Secretary of State.

SOCOM Chief’s Rise Not Swift At All

And odd report from Washington Post and Stars and Stripes.

Jeffrey Sinclair Busted From Brigadier General to Lieutenant Colonel [UPDATED]

The Army is sending a strong message on sexual assault. It picked the wrong poster boy.

Robert Gates Hits Obama, Biden, Clinton In New Book, But Will Americans Care?

A new book by former SecDef Robert Gates is making political waves in Washington power circles, but will it matter to ordinary Americans?

Just Say No To “National Service” Schemes

The return of a really bad idea.

Zero U.S. Troops In Afghanistan After 2014 A Possibility

The idea of completely pulling out of Afghanistan after 2014 is very compelling.

Was Obama’s ‘Afghan Surge’ A Failure?

To much fanfare, President Obama announced a shift in Afghan War policy in December 2009. There’s little evidence it’s worked.

No, We Don’t Need To Bring Back The Draft

Once again, a pundit has come up with the boneheaded idea of reinstating the draft.

Obama’s Pentagon ‘Power Grab’

Michael Hastings has yet another credulous story attempting to smear the United States military.

Pentagon Report “Doubts” Some Comments Attributed To McChrystal By Rolling Stone

A Pentagon investigation was unable to verify some of the comments attributed to General Stanley McChrystal in Rolling Stone last year. That doesn’t mean he’s been cleared, though.

Psyops Against Our Own?

Did a unit in Afghanistan engage in an IO operation against U. S. senators?

Afghanistan Still America’s Forgotten War

Unless you paid close attention, you probably missed most of the coverage of the war in Afghanistan in 2010.

A History of Acronyms

Robert Lane Greene investigates the rise of acronyms, initialisms, and other informal shortenings of speech.

Woodward: Military Thwarted Obama

Bob Woodward reports that President Obama was looking for options other than staying the course in Afghanistan. The military didn’t provide any.

Military Coup of 2012

Perhaps the biggest insight from Bob Woodward’s latest book is the sharpness of the split between the military and civilian leadership.

Stanley McCrystal, Yale Professor

General Stanley McChrystal has been hired to teach leadership at Yale.

Obama’s War Policy Continues To Lose Support

The American military is on a mission in Afghanistan that the public is increasingly starting to question.

Three Different Takes on the Leaked “War Logs”

Three different ways they’re viewing the leaked “war logs” across the Pond.

Stanley McChrystal Retires

General Stanley McChrystal retired with full honors while being lauded by the Secretary of Defense.

McChrystal’s Team America

Stan McChrystal’s boys had “Team America” patches made up.

Five Stars For Petraeus ?

Some people are saying that David Petraeus deserves promotion to a rank last held by Omar Bradley.

Writing Without Interviewing

Why I didn’t talk to Dave Weigel before writing about him.

Pentagon Tightens Media Access Rules

It’s going to be much harder for reporters to get access to the military thanks to new rules announced last night by the Pentagon.

McChrystal to Retire as Four-Star

Stanley McChrystal will be allowed to retire as a four-star general rather than suffer the indignity of being reduced to his permanent grade.

What’s Next for Stanley McChrystal?

Is political office in Stan McChrystal’s future?

Americans Growing Weary Of Endless War

The public is growing tired of America’s Longest War.

Did Rolling Stone Violate Journalistic Ethics In McChrystal Interview ?

Does it matter if the controversial McChrystal comments were “off the record” ? No, it doesn’t.

Petraeus Backs July 2011 Afghanistan Withdrawal Timetable

David Petraeus says he supports the President’s Afghanistan policy, including the withdrawal timetable, but that means less than most people think it does.

Praise for the Military

While praise for the military often goes overboard, the reaction to the McChrystal flap shows our armed forces at their finest.

McChrystal Tweets

Firing McChrystal: Anatomy of a Decision

Both President Obama and General McChrystal handled a bad situation incredibly well.

Stan McChrystal for Bud Lite Lime

Here’s a great ad campaign idea: A series of funny spots by retired General Stanley McChrystal touting his favorite beer.

McChrystal Fired, Petraeus to Afghanistan

President Obama has relieved General Stanley Chrystal of command of ISAF.

Afghanistan Reboot Needed

Stanley McChrystal is being called to face Obama’s national security team this morning. They should take the opportunity to come up with coherent Afghanistan policy.

McChrystal ‘Stitched Up’ by Rolling Stone?

Are we making too much of Stanley McChrystal’s remarks?

The Real News From The McChrystal Interview: The Troops Aren’t Happy

Stanley McChrystal’s fate is the story of the day, but there’s a broader message in the Rolling Stone story, and it has broad implications for the future of the Afghan War.

Question Of The Day: Will He Stay Or Will He Go ?

There’s really only one story in Washington, D.C. today, and Stanley McChrystal is the star player.

McChrystal Offers Resignation

General Stanley McChrystal has “offered to resign” in the wake of the controversy of the day. We’ll see whether this is accepted or the president decides that McChyrystal must be fired instead.

McChrystal vs. Shinseki

Is there a double standard in play when generals criticize Democratic versus Republican presidents?