The World Hates Fatties

Prejudice and negative attitudes towards obese individuals is becoming a global norm, not just an American phenomenon.

Has the Growth of the Financial Sector Harmed the Economy?

A new study finds that the robust growth of the financial sector in the United States in recent decades has come at the expense of entrepreneurship.

Ninth Circuit: Lying About Military Honors Is Protected Speech

Xavier Alvarez lied about having been awarded the Medal Of Honor. Should that be a crime? The Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals says no, and they’re right.

Gingrich: Libya Most Badly Executed War Since WWII

Newt Gingrich on Libya: “This is as badly executed, I think, as any policy we’ve seen since WWII, and it will become a case study for how not to engage in this type of activity.”

Where Did The Antiwar Movement Go?

The antiwar movement has been strangely silent despite the fact that U.S. foreign policy hasn’t really changed that much since Barack Obama became President.

Information Overload Not New

While complaints that there’s too much information for intellectuals to sort through, much less read, are constant, they’re not new. Harvard historian Ann Blair argues in her new book Too Much to Know: Managing Scholarly Information Before the Modern Age that this stress goes back at least to Seneca’s time.

Child Car Seat Safety: Less Than You Think

Add this to the list of things for parents to worry about: Car safety seats for children over 65 pounds are not adequately tested.

Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Prevent Abortions

PP’s intensive effort to recast itself as a preventer of abortions doesn’t bear scrutiny.

American Citizenship Test Flawed

Several “correct” answers on the American citizenship test are technically incorrect.

Are Wisconsin Public Servants Overpaid?

Contrary to some assertions, Wisconsin public servants are not better compensated than their private sector counterparts.

Half A Billion People Escaped Poverty Between 2005 and 2010

Global poverty has plummeted in recent years.

Virginia Families Sue Over Ten Commandments In Classrooms

A county in the far southwest corner of Virginia is the latest battle ground in the ongoing battle over the separation of church and state.

Search Engine Optimization Dirty Secrets

JCPenney used black hat SEO to game Google. But Google’s penalties are arguably just as bad. And what about HuffPo?

Toyota Cars Safe: Government Study

The Obama administration’s investigation into Toyota safety problems has found no electronic flaws to account for reports of sudden, unintentional acceleration and other safety problems.

Academia’s Liberal Bias

Yet another study finds conservatives wildly underrepresented in higher education.

Illegal Immigrants 8% of US Births, 3.7% of Population

While illegal immigration in the United States remains enormous, it has dropped considerably over the last three years.

Test Taking Enhances Learning

A new study casts new light on the importance of testing students to reinforce their grasp of information.

Republicans Propose $2.5 Trillion Spending Cuts

The Republican Study Committee has come up with some significant budget cuts.

College Students Lack Critical Thinking Skills, But Who’s To Blame?

A new study suggests college students aren’t learning the critical thinking skills they’re supposed to learn, but that isn’t necessary the fault of the university they’re attending.

Poll Shows Palin Speech Helped Her Image (or Did it?)

A poll that came out late last week purports show that Palin’s speech helped her public image. However, if we look at the numbers, that claim is a weak one.

Did Wikileaks Help Bring Down A Corrupt Arab Leader?

Information made public by Wikileaks appears to have played a role in sparking the protest movement that has brought down the President of Tunisia.

Grover Norquist and Afghanistan

America’s foremost tax foe has weighed in on the Afghanistan War debate.

BCS vs. Playoffs

While I support a college playoff, there’s an argument to be made for the integrity of the regular season.

Monogamy and Alcohol

New research shows that “across the world the main social groups which practice polygyny do not consume alcohol” and, conversely, “a positive correlation between monogamy and alcohol consumption (and especially between monogamy and drunkenness) across societies.”

Hope and Change!

Caption Contest Winners

The Risky Business Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Afghanistan Still America’s Forgotten War

Unless you paid close attention, you probably missed most of the coverage of the war in Afghanistan in 2010.

Solitary Confinement as Torture

WikiLeaker Bradley Manning has been held “under conditions that constitute cruel and inhumane treatment and, by the standards of many nations, even torture” for seven months and counting.

Student Evaluations and Teacher Performance

A new study seems to show that student evaluations of teachers are something other than a popularity contest.

Why Were Republicans Silent During The Bush Years?

Republicans were largely silent during the Bush Administration as spending went out of control. Will they do that again?

Sweet Deals: Tax Package Set for Senate Vote

The Senate has constructed the legislation to correspond to the Obama-McConnell deal, sweeteners and all.

What Good Is A College Education?

Does that degree you get at the end of your four years of college really mean anything anymore, and is it worth the money you paid for it?

Age Slower: Exercise and Eat Well

Will you age slower if you exercise, eat well? A study conducted by German researchers says Yes. But maybe it just seems like you’re aging slower?