Clint Eastwood Chrysler Super Bowl Ad Becomes Political Football

Was Clint Eastwood’s Chrysler ad a political message, or just a well done commercial?

Makers vs. Takers Redux

Revisiting a lively debate from over the weekend.

Super Bowl Coin Flip

The last 14 coin flips in the Super Bowl have been won by the NFC.

Time For The Super Bowl To Drop Roman Numerals?

Time to end a 41 year tradition?

Is There An American Cultural Divide?

Have Americans divided themselves into what are becoming increasingly different cultures?

Alabama Wins 14th National Championship; Playoff Needed

There’s no perfect system for choosing a champion but we can do better than this.

The End Of The Ames Straw Poll? Don’t Count On It

The Ames Straw Poll isn’t going away any time soon.

A Glance Into The Crystal Ball For 2012

So, what’s next?

Cam Newton, Racism, and Black Quarterbacks

The Panthers rookie is having a historic season. Were doubts that he could succeed colored by race?

Stop Looking For The Next Ronald Reagan

If Republicans keep looking for the next Ronald Reagan, they’re going to be disappointed for many reasons.

The Great Speech Kerfuffle Of 2011 Reveals The Weakness Of The Obama Presidency

How a six hour long dispute over scheduling demonstrates yet again that Barack Obama isn’t up for the fight.

Is Ames Straw Poll Meaningless? Or is it Iowa?

The Ames Straw Poll is like the first scrimmage of NFL training camp.

Google Addresses SEO Gaming

Google erects some much-needed defenses in the optimization arms race.

Caption Contest Winners

The Preparation-H Super Bowl Commercial Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

NFL’s Most Popular Teams

The Pittsburg Steelers and the Green Bay Packers are the 2nd and 5th most popular teams in the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys are number one and the St. Louis Rams bring up the rear at 32.

Aaron Rodgers: Best Quarterback Ever?!

Mike Tanier of Football Outsiders explain why Aaron Rodgers’ ranking as the best quarterback in NFL history is absurd.

Do Presidents Deserve More Respect, Or Less?

The Presidency has lost the aura of mystique that used to surround it, and that’s a good thing.

Michael Wilbon’s Last Column

Michael Wilbon departs the Washington Post after more than 30 years to work full time at ESPN. Here are his last — and first — columns.

Presidential Candidates Never Seem Presidential

The prospective Republican field for 2012 is dismal. Then again, it always is.

The NFL Stadium Shakedown

The NFL’s “especially mercenary” push to extract new stadia from cities–even where the stadium’s practically brand-new.

TV Shows Republicans (But Not Democrats) Watch

A new survey shows that political ideology leads to different television viewing habits. This shouldn’t be surprising.

Was Donovan McNabb Traded Because He Was Black?

A renowned sports economist argues that black quarterbacks are treated differently than their white counterparts.

Federal Court To FCC: Indecency, F**k Yeah !

A common sense decision on broadcast “decency” standards was handed down by a Federal Appeals Court today.

Rue McClanahan Dead at 76

The actress best known for her role as Blanche Deveraux on “The Golden Girls” has died of a stroke.