Roald Dahl Books Bowdlerized

A team of “sensitivity readers” has taken the bad thoughts out of some beloved children’s literature.

Fox Hosts Knew Election Claims Were B.S.

They went all-in on the Big Lie and we now have the receipts that they knew what they were doing.

Who Does Netflix Think They Are, Anyway?

Understandable efforts to protect their market share are alienating customers who think they’re doing nothing wrong.

Mitt Romney’s Future

The anti-Trump Republican could find re-election difficult.

Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Brazil’s Presidential Palace, Congress, and Supreme Court

Latin America’s answer to Donald Trump has his own insurrection attempt.

Barbara Walters, 1929-2022

The trailblazing television interviewer is gone at 93.

Buttigieg Responsible for Flight Delays?

Should Secretary Pete have done more?

The NFL is Taking Over

The biggest entertainment product in America is getting bigger.

President Joe Biden delivers remarks at a Cinco De Mayo reception Thursday, May 5, 2022, in the Rose Garden of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Cameron Smith) President Joe Biden delivers remarks at a Cinco De Mayo reception Thursday, May 5, 2022, in the Rose Garden of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Cameron Smith)

Biden’s Running. Really.

The President will be the 2024 Democratic nominee. Get used to it.

Trump Company Guilty of Tax Fraud

The years-long NYC investigation finally bears some fruit.

Ukraine Striking Into Russia

A welcome development in a long and bloody war.

The Deterioration and Death of Old Media

Headline News Network is shuttering after four decades.

The Qatar World Cup and Broad Drawing Conclusions From Unique Events

Sports fans enjoy watching sports. How much does politics impact that?

Red and Blue States Aren’t Permanent

The margins for 2024 are likely to be slim. But that hides a larger story.

Trump Announces 2024 Run

Covering the coverage.

Why Stacey Abrams Ran Behind Raphael Warnock

Discrimination? Issues? Incumbency?

Marginal Differences Magnify Individual Races

We used to (usually) know the results on Election Night because the outcomes were clearer.

Leo Gallagher, 1946-2022

The stand-up comic is gone at 76.

Crystal Ball Final 2022 Ratings

Describe the sound made when a sheep explodes.

Congressional Control Still Too Close to Call

We likely won’t know on Election Night.

Imagining a Stolen 2024 Election

It’s easy if you try.

Craziness, Disconnectedness, and a Toxic Political Climate Equals Violence

The attack at the Pelosi house should surprise no one.

The Media is Biased Against Us!

Journalists openly root for a good story.

NFL and College Football Going Head to Head

The most popular television product is running out of room to expand.

Fetterman and the Politics of Optics

Will voters overlook the elephant in the room?

Fear and Resentment of a Changing America

A revealing comparison of Republican districts that deny and don’t deny the 2020 outcome.


They’re just too awful for delicate ears.

Retired Flag Officers Cashing In As Foreign Agents

An unsavory practice that’s mostly legal.

Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War

Russia Resorting to Brutality Because They Lack Precision Weapons

They’re hitting civilian targets partly because they can’t hit military ones.

A Spotify for News

Publishers and consumers want very different business models.

Ukraine Openly Mocking Russia

Things are not going well in the special military operation.

Bill Plante, 1938-2022

The veteran newsman is gone at 84.

National Enquirer Voters

The fading tabloid still has significant influence.

Bernard Shaw, 1940-2022

CNN’s original anchorman is gone at 82.

Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022

The UK’s longest-reigning monarch has passed, aged 96.

Fear of a White Scholar

President Biden had a meeting with some historians. The horrors.

Streaming Service Consolidation

There are too many products chasing too few consumers.

Democrats Betting Big on Abortion

They’re spending millions on issue ads in the wake of Dobbs.

‘Don’t Tread on Me’ License Plates

States are sponsoring an increasingly controversial image.

David McCullough, 1933-2022

A great American author is gone at 89.

Democrats Funding MAGA Primary Candidates

Hardball politics or dirty pool?

Bill Russell, 1934-2022

The iconic basketball player, coach, and civil rights leader is gone at 88.

First Capitol Rioter to Go to Trial Gets 7 Years

A loudmouth III%er cried like a baby during his sentencing.

U.S. Kills Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda Founder and Leader

A precision drone strike on a balcony in Kabul took out a longtime nemesis.

The January 6 Hearings Didn’t Change Entrenched Opinion

Can American democracy survive its information bubbles?

Shinzo Abe Murdered

Japan’s longest-serving prime minister was killed at a campaign rally. He was 67.

Boris Johnson Resigns as Tory Leader

He plans to hang on as PM through the fall but likely won’t be able to.

White House Rudderless, Aimless, and Hopeless?

Some Democrats are less than pleased.

Myths of American Democracy

Tweaking the message and getting out the vote don’t matter as much as strategists think.

CNN Boss Eschews ‘Big Lie’ Branding

The new honcho at the original 24 hour news network wants to be more subtle and less alarmest.