Four Game College Football Playoff Approved, Will Start With 2014 Season

After years of calls for a College Football playoff, we’ll finally get one. Let the criticism begin.

Further Evidence That Voters Don’t Pay Attention To Gaffes

Voters don’t seem all that interesting in the things that the political media becomes obsessed with.

Obama’s Assertion Of Executive Privilege And The Law

Is there any legal merit to the Administration’s invocation of Executive Privilege?

Rand Paul Rips Mitt Romney’s Statements On Presidential War Powers

Rand Paul calls Mitt Romney out over his comments about Presidential War Powers.

Roger Clemens Acquitted Of All Charges In Perjury Trial

After a nine week trial, Roger Clemens was acquitted of perjury charges this afternoon. What that means for his future in the world of baseball is unclear.

Crunch Time For The Supreme Court

With two weeks left in June, the Supreme Court is likely to be in the news quite a lot.

The Other Side Of The Neil Munro Story: Obama Doesn’t Take Many Questions

Neil Munro acted like a jerk, but Barack Obama needs to be more open to questions than he has been.

Egyptian Protesters Contemplate What Went Wrong

The heady days of revolution in Egypt have been replaced with the cold light of political reality.

Today’s Outrage Of The Day: “Decapitated” George W. Bush In `Game Of Thrones’

A year old, seconds-long, scene from a show on HBO has apparently become the latest cause for outrage.

Reagan the RINO Redux

The main problem is governing should be different than simplistic rhetoric.

Will Obama’s Gaffe On The Economy Matter In November?

The President’s comment that the private sector is “doing fine” continues to be a topic of discussion.

Personal Fitness Infomercials

Physical fitness and weight loss infomercials have gone from promising ease to promising a grueling challenge. What happened?

Journalists As Opposition Researchers

Jonathan Chait makes an astute observation about the media’s role in meme generation.

How Much Did Money Matter In The Wisconsin Recall?

Was money the reason Scott Walker won on Tuesday? The available evidence says no.

Wisconsin Recall Was A Bad Night For Cable News

None of the cable news networks did particularly well last night.

Spanish Artist Facing Prison For “Insulting” The Catholic Church

There is a disturbing trend in Western nations toward enforcement of laws against “insulting” religions.

George W. Bush Portrait Unveiled

The official portrait of George W. Bush, the 43rd president, was unveiled at the White House yesterday. The ceremony was a rare display of political humor and grace.

Romney Slams Obama On Syria, But Doesn’t Offer An Alternative

Mitt Romney is criticizing the President over his Syria policy, but his alternative ideas aren’t very good.

Romney Continues To Embrace Trump Despite Birtherism

Mitt Romney continues to keep Donald Trump close. It makes no sense, but it isn’t likely to matter in the end.

A Long Time Ago In A Movie Theater Far, Far Away….

Thirty-Five years ago, an adventure began.

An End To The 33 Year Old Mystery Of Etan Patz?

Etan Patz went missing 34 years ago tomorrow morning. The mystery of his disappearance may have been solved today.

T-Shirts, Airlines, and the Limits of Political Speech

A story headlined “American Airlines Rejects Female Passenger Because Political Pro-Choice T-Shirt is ‘Inappropriate'” is going viral.

TV Remote Control Inventor Eugene Polley Dead at 96

Eugene Polley, the inventor of the first wireless TV remote control, has died aged 96.

Conservative ‘Race War’ Meme

The people who gave us the “war on Christmas” are now touting an upsurge on black-on-white crime.

Cory Booker’s Kinsley Gaffe And The Relevance Of The Bain Attacks

Yesterday, Cory Booker committed the rookie mistake of saying what was on his mind.

Super PAC May Resurrect Reverend Wright In New Ad Campaign

A pro-Republican SuperPAC may be bringing the Jeremiah Wright story back. That would be bad news for the Romney campaign.