Romney Bans Press From Private Fundraiser; Press Upset

The Romney campaign has hurt the press corps’ feelings.

It’s Okay to Lie About Politics But Not Breakfast Spreads

Why do we hold Nutella to a higher truth standard than our presidential candidates?

Justice Scalia: Cameras In The Supreme Court Would “Miseducate” People

Justice Scalia explains why the Supreme Court resists the idea of letting cameras into the court. He makes a persuasive case.

Nidal Hassan Ordered to Shave or Be Shaved

The Fort Hood shooter is being ordered to shave his beard or have it forcibly removed. It’s rather silly.

Obama: Stop Watching ‘Real Housewives’ and Playing Video Games

Kids, the President of the United States has a message for you: stop hanging out and get to work.

Are Americans Getting Sick Of The 2012 Election Already?

There are still three months or so go. The race is incredibly tight. And, voters are starting to really dislike both candidates.

Romney Ad Uses Obama “I’m So In Love With You” Performance

Two liberal columnists say a recent Mitt Romney ad proves he’s out of touch—and implies that he’s running a racist stealth campaign.

Hating Aaron Sorkin

Alex Pareene’s quip that “Aaron Sorkin is why people hate liberals” has gone viral.

12 Dead, At Least 50 Wounded In Mass Shooting At Colorado Movie Theater

Terror erupted in a Colorado movie theater early this morning.

You Didn’t Build That!

President Obama set off a firestorm by claiming business owners didn’t build “that.”

George Zimmerman: Trayvon Martin’s Shooting Was “All God’s Plan.”

For some reason, George Zimmerman sat down for an hour-long interview last night.

Obama And Romney In Dead Heat In New Virginia Poll

Virginia could be the state that decides who controls the United States Government.

Damascus Attack Kills Key Members Of Syrian Government

Several key members of the Syrian government were killed in a suicide bomb attack today in Damascus.

What Citizens United Changed: Not Much

While the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United has been blamed for the massive increase in money in this year’s campaign, it really wasn’t the culprit.

Obama Leads Romney 70% To 22% Among Latino Voters

Another poll demonstrates the serious problems that the GOP has with Latino voters.

Campaign Spending, Free Speech, and Disclosure

The Koch brothers will spend more money in this election cycle than the entire McCain campaign did in 2008.

Is The Prosecutor In George Zimmerman’s Case Harming His Right To A Fair Trial?

The prosecutor in George Zimmernan’s case has made public “evidence” that will likely never be admitted at trial, but which could prejudice the case immensely.

Romney Campaign Tries To Change Subject, Goes On Offensive

The Romney campaign is trying to shift the narrative.

Microsoft Divorces MSNBC

Microsoft sold its cable stake in MSNBC years ago; now, it’s ending ties with the website, too.

Romney Senior Adviser Ed Gillespie: Mitt “Retired Retroactively” From Bain

The Romney campaign went on television to address the Bain issue, but again they just seem to have muddied the water.

Why Our Columnists Stink

David Brooks is wistful for the noblesse oblige of the elites of yore.

Romney’s Campaign Is Mishandling The Politics Of The Bain Issue

Mitt Romney’s campaign is mishandling their response to the Bain story, and hurting the candidate in the process.

The 20 Most Powerful Television Moments Of The Past 50 Years

There are some glaring omissions from a recent list of television’s “most powerful” moments.

Technological Wonder Loss

We’ve reached a point where our wonder at modern technology fades almost instantaneously and is replaced by annoyance that our technology isn’t better

DirecTV Customers Lose Stewart and Colbert

Those of us who subscribe to DirecTV have lost Comedy Central and 16 other Viacom channels.

Americans’ Confidence In Journalism Continues To Decline

Add journalism to the list of professions Americans don’t seem to have much confidence in.

Federal Judge: Websites Must Comply With Americans With Disabilities Act

A recent decision out of Massachusetts threatens to make business quite difficult for online service providers.

Citizens United Was About Freedom Of Speech, Not “Corporate Rights.”

Opponents of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United continue to miss the point of what the case was really about.