Time’s 2011 Person Of The Year: “The Protester”

Time Magazine has chosen “The Protester” as its Person Of The Year. Let the outrage ensue.

Rick Perry Declares War On The First Amendment

In a desperate bid to save a floundering campaign, Rick Perry is willing to sacrifice important freedoms.

Did Congress Declare Pizza A Vegetable? Not Really

Another meme debunked, plus some thoughts on policy.

Police Violence and Perpetual War

Why we shouldn’t be surprised that police are using tools of violence against protestors.

Green Beret 50th Anniversary

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the green beret as the official headgear of US Army Special Forces.

Bachmann Needs a Comparative Politics Class (and Some History and Logic, too)

Apparently, we should be more like China. Or something.

Can Occupy Wall Street Win?

The Occupy Wall Street movement faces obstacles its Tea Party counterpart didn’t.

Occupy Wall Street Hurting the 99 Percent

The Occupy Wall Street protests are, ironically, hurting small business owners and others in the 99 percent.

Former Dallas Cowboys flanker and author Peter Gent poses with copies of his bestseller, "North Dallas Forty," in New York. (Associated Press / August 26, 1974) Former Dallas Cowboys flanker and author Peter Gent poses with copies of his bestseller, "North Dallas Forty," in New York. (Associated Press / August 26, 1974)

Peter Gent, ‘North Dallas Forty’ Author, Dead at 69

Pete Gent, the former Dallas Cowboy and Michigan State player best known as the author of “North Dallas Forty,” has died at 69 from pulmonary illness.

John Lewis’s Ridiculous Arguments Against Reasonable Voting Regulations

Ensuring the integrity of the voting process is a worthy goal, not evidence of discrimination.

Mark Hatfield Dead at 89

Former Oregon governor and long-time US Senator Mark Hatfield has died.

The Debt Ceiling and the Imperial Presidency

Congress failing to raise the debt ceiling would involve abrogating an enormous amount of power to the Executive.

Professor Bias and Student Perception

Do ideologically radical professors impose their biases on their students?

One of the Many Problems of the Health Care Debate

We need to stop talking as if the Medicare debate is a question of the Ryan Plan v. the Status Quo.

Republicans Push to Tighten Voting Rules

Across the country, Republicans are pushing laws that will make voting harder.

Democrat Wins Special Election In NY-26

It’s just one Congressional District out of 435, but that won’t stop everyone from trying to turn the results in NY-26 into a national referendum on Medicare reform.

Political Derangement Syndrome

Whenever I despair at the current state of the Republican Party, I remind myself that things aren’t much better across the aisle.

Public Acceptance Of Same-Sex Marriage At All-Time High

Two new polls reflect the extent to which public attitudes on same-sex marriage have changed dramatically over the past twenty years, and it’s only a matter of time before that’s reflected in the law.

Cutting Federal Workforce Costs Money?

The most likely cuts in federal spending are likely to actually increase the deficit over time.

Academia’s Liberal Bias

Yet another study finds conservatives wildly underrepresented in higher education.

Revolutions are Rare

If Mubarak is driven from power, will that make Egypt a case of “revolution”?

Transatlantic Plane Wars

European subsidies have given Airbus a competitive advantage over America’s Boeing in commercial aircraft salesboein. The reverse is true on military aircraft.

Jared Loughner And The Sorry State Of Mental Health Care

There’s a lesson to be drawn from the tragedy in Arizona, but it isn’t the one the media is talking about.

The Problem that Barbour has Conjured

What the Haley Barbour situation illustrates is that we, as a country, have not fully accepted or dealt with our own past.

Haley Barbour Stupidly Reopens An Old Wound

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, who may end up running for President in 2012, has reopened wounds that finally seemed like they were closed.

Proposition 8 Has Its Day In Court In The 9th Circuit

California’s Proposition 8 faced another legal test in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday, and the day didn’t seem to go well for opponents of same-sex marriage.

Partisanship, Segmentation and the Mass Media

Is the current media environment a problem for proper political discourse?

Germany and the Lessons of Immigration Policy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declare multiculturalism in Germany to be a “failure.” Proof that anti-immigration activists in the United States are correct, right?

Commonwealth Games Highlight Wealth Disparity

Western athletes who’ve complained about the conditions at the Commonwealth Games are coming in for a firestorm of criticism.

Sharron Angle: Conservative ? Or, Theocrat ?

Sharron Angle’s views about the role of religion in politics are disturbingly similar to those of people who believe that the Bible itself should be the law of the land.

Abigail Thernstrom: New Black Panther Case Is “Small Potatoes”

Conservatives aren’t as united over the “outrage” of the New Black Panther Case as you might think.

Taliban Monkey Terrorists

The Taliban have a new secret weapon: Monkey terrorist soldiers.

Today’s Vocab Word: “Purple Drank”

Thanks to JaMarcus Russell, I have learned a new term.

Americans Growing Weary Of Endless War

The public is growing tired of America’s Longest War.

Gay Pride and Bare Asses

San Francisco’s gay pride parade celebrates its 40th anniversary with Nancy Pelosi, the Backstreet Boys, and some dudes riding bike’s nekkid.

WDR 2010

The UNODC has released the latest World Drug Report. Shockingly, there are a lot of drugs out there and a lot of money to made trafficking in them.