Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War

Ukraine and the ‘New Rules of War’

Many and small beats large and heavy. Finding beats flanking. Swarming beats surging.

It’s Not Time To Eulogize The Old Order

Pundits like Thomas Friedman struggle with premature prognostication.

We Don’t Need No Stinking Strategy

Obama’s current policy—tactical level strikes with no obvious long-term strategic aim—may well be the best we can hope for.

3D Printed Organs Coming Soon

The burgeoning science of additive manufacturing is on the verge of being able to print functioning human organs.

Is A Stronger Executive The Cure For What Ails American Government?

David Brooks thinks that the problem with American Government is that the Presidency isn’t strong enough.

Friedman Finds His 3rd Party Candidate: Obama

Thomas Friedman continues his quixotic quest for a third party. His candidate: a fantasy Barack Obama.

Infrastructure Projects And Economic Stimulus

Are infrastructure projects the key to turning around the economy? Not really.

Thomas Friedman Is An Enormous Mustache

Thomas Friedman is like a goldfish who only sees China, jobs, and the Internet.

Thomas Friedman’s Michael Bloomberg Fetish

Thomas Friedman is fantasizing about Michael Bloomberg again.

Palin For President, With An Assist From Mike Bloomberg?

Political columnist John Heilemann thinks he’s come up with a scenario that would put Sarah Palin in the White House, but his assumptions don’t add up.

Headline of the Day – Friedman Edition

The Silent Majority Wants a Dictatorship Run by Thomas Friedman

Harnessing The Tea Party

Support for the Tea Party is at record levels but that movement does not have a coherent policy platform. Can the energy be harnessed to good use?

Killing Presidents

Atlantic Council Blogs

Pundit’s Fallacy