Technology and Currency

Have credit cards and ATMs eliminated the value of large currency zones?

Transparency and College Choice

Bridget Terry Long, a professor of education and economics at Harvard, argues that we should give prospective college students and their families better information on such matters as loan burdens, graduation rates, average class size, average aid package, salaries earned and positions held by recent graduates, and alumni satisfaction.

Republicans Against The Military

Conservative Republicans who are typically deferential to the military are ignoring the advice of the military leadership on the new START Treaty.

Democracy At Its Best

A Chicago voter is less than thrilled with the political slate for which he’s voting today.

Death of the Middle Class?

Lots of jobs that existed in recent memory — secretaries, travel agents, gas station attendants, cashiers — have been replaced by technology. The middle class may be disappearing with them.

What Gets Naval Officers Fired?

The Navy has fired fourteen skippers this year. Eleven of those were for personal misconduct.

Get Ready For The Subpoenas If The GOP Wins In November

If Republicans regain control of Congress, you could be seeing a lot of scenes like this on your television for the next two years.

Obama’s Shadow War on Terror

Barack Obama has significantly widened his predecessor’s global war on terrorism, even if he’s no longer calling it that.

Wikileaks v. The Pentagon

There’s a war of words developing between the Pentagon and the information-sharing website Wikileaks.

Limits of Transparency

If lawyers and MBAs don’t understand their mortgage documents, what chance do the rest of us have?

Senate Tables DISCLOSE Act, For Now

Thanks to a united Republican Caucus, the Senate failed to take up a deeply flawed campaign finance “reform” bill.

Balancing Secrecy and Democracy

“I don’t condone leaking secrets. But nor do I condone a policy that can only work in secret.” – Bernard Finel

Young Voters Abandoning Obama

Barack Obama was a big hit on college campuses in 2008. Two years later, those same young voters seem to be having second thoughts.

Blogger Ethics And The Breitbart/Sherrod Story

There are some lessons for the blogosphere in this week’s Andrew Breitbart dust-up.

How Andrew Breitbart, And The Conservative New Media, Failed

Andrew Breitbart is still patting himself on the back for a job well done in the Shirley Sherrod affair. In reality, he failed miserably.

Stimulus Funds Spent On Stimulus Road Signs

You’ve probably seen a lot of these signs popping up lately.

Obama Science Pledge Falls Flat

Much like his pledge to close Guantanamo within a year, President Obama’s promised deadline to implement a “scientific integrity” program has come and gone.

Pollster Transparency

Honest pollsters should deposit their raw data with the Roper Center to improve transparency.

Andrew Breitbart Offers $ 100,000 For JournoList Archives

If you know where the JournoList archive is, Andrew Breitbart has got some cash for you.

Nikki Haley Wins Republican Nomination For South Carolina Governor

Nikki Haley overcame a smear campaign and religious bigotry to come one step closer to the Governor’s Mansion in South Carolina.

NYT Disappears Blog Post

Breaking the Bank