Taxes At An All-Time Low; Deficits At An All-Time High

The drive to cut taxes is at the heart of the budget mess.

National Drinking Habits

Americans drink less than Europeans and far less than Russians.

Toyota Cars Safe: Government Study

The Obama administration’s investigation into Toyota safety problems has found no electronic flaws to account for reports of sudden, unintentional acceleration and other safety problems.

TSA Workers Gain Right to Join Most Pointless Union Ever

TSA screeners will now have the right to join a union. Or at least a union that can’t actually negotiate much of anything.

Unemployment Rate At Lowest Level Since 2009, Job Growth Still Anemic

The January jobs report is, in a word, disappointing.


Didn’t we just talk about this?

Gravy Train About To End For The Washington, D.C. Area?

Some people in the D.C. area are worried that the Federal spending gravy train may be coming to an end. They should be.

New York City Snow Cleanup Hampered By Union Work Stoppage

Streets in New York City like this one on Staten Island went unplowed for days thanks to a work slowdown by sanitation workers, which raises the question of what Public Sector Unions should be allowed to do.

Of Blizzards And Political Firestorms

Cory Booker, Michael Bloomberg, and Chris Christie have been in the news this week due to the political fallout over their handling of the East Coast blizzard.

More Tales of Keeping Us Safe at Airports

The TSA’s crusade to fondle whomever they please continues.

Lame-Duck Congresses: Bug, Or Feature?

The 20th Amendment was supposed to eliminate lame duck sessions, but it didn’t.

Judicial Activism: It’s Not Just A River In Egypt

Judicial activism doesn’t mean “reaching a decision I don’t like.”

Republican Hypocrisy On Pork Barrel Spending

The incoming House Republicans aren’t making a good first impression.

Anti-Earmark Republicans Looking For Ways Around Earmark Ban

Just weeks after voting for a broad ban on earmarks, Republicans are looking for ways to get money to their districts without calling it an “earmark.”

Cities Matter More Than Ever

Despite recurring predictions that the Internet and mass communications would allow people to work from anywhere, talent continues to cluster in big cities.

Body Scanners (and Groping?) Coming To A Train Station Near You?

If some security “experts” get their way, the security procedures we encounter at airports could start showing up elsewhere. Will Americans stand for it?

Body Scanners on Trains, Boats, and Subways?

Looking to avoid airport body scanners? You might not be able to do it on any form of public transit if Janet Napolitano gets her way.

TSA Groping For Thee, But Not For Me

Top administration and congressional officials can skip the indignities of airport screening, even when they fly commercial.

Public Accepts Body Scanners, Divided On Pat-Down Searches

Despite the recent media outrage over TSA search procedures, public attitudes on the subject remain largely supportive.

Bike Lane Backlash?

As bicycle advocates have been getting new lanes and other concessions in major cities across the country, a minor backlash has formed in reaction.

Liberty and False Comparisons

It’s not hypocritical or racist to support an aggressive pursuit of terrorists while getting outraged over abuses of Americans’ liberties.

Obama Politically Tone Deaf On TSA Outrage

President Obama’s response to the outrage that has accompanied new TSA screening procedures at America’s airports is incredibly non-responsive.

Airline Security Killing More People Than It Saves?

It’s quite possible that the delays spawned by airline security measures are killing more people than they’re saving.

Idiotic Idea of the Day

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood wants to install devices in cars to disable cell phones.

Airport Security Backlash Gathering Steam

Airport security is less intrusive in Communist China and war torn Afghanistan than in the USA. Have we finally had enough?

Lame Duck Congresses And The Constitution

While not inherently unconstitutional, lame duck Congresses have the potential for violating the spirit of the Constitution and create the potential for mischief on the part of Representatives who have been thrown out of office.

Backlash at TSA Security Finally Happening?

It appears that full body scanners, operated by leering yahoos under the cover of government authority, may finally be rousing the sheep who have meekly submitted to the absurd delays and indignities that have been piled on since 9/11 and sundry botched attempts.

Rand Paul, The Tea Party, And The Phony “War On Earmarks”

Rand Paul is taking some heat for remarks that may or may not indicate that he’s backtracking on his previous vow not to seek earmark spending for Kentucky. Yes folks, the phony war on earmarks is back.

When Will Full Body Scans Become Mandatory?

We’re probably just one big scare away from mandatory full-body scans.

Stewart Rally Bigger Than Beck Rally?

215,000 people attended the “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” compared to 87,000 for “Restoring Honor.” Even if you believe the numbers, they don’t tell us much.

Free Speech For Soldiers and Government Employees?

Should members of the Armed Forces and other public employees have the same rights under the 1st Amendment as the rest of us? Or should they be more like journalists?

Google’s Self-Driving Car

Once the province of science fiction, a car that can drive itself is now a reality, thanks to Google and DARPA. The implications are mind boggling.

Chris Christie Kills Hudson Rail Project

New Jersey’s governor has killed a vital infrastructure project because of huge cost overruns. It’s penny wise and pound foolish.

Europe Terror Alert: CYA + Crying Wolf = ?

The State Department’s terrorism threat warning for Europe is probably meaningless. If it isn’t, it’ll be perceived that way.

Adrian Fenty Good Mayor, Bad Candidate

Affluent whites are astounded that Adrian Fenty appears about to lose his bid for re-election as DC’s mayor. But the majority black population is less than thrilled with his tenure.

2nd Quarter GDP Growth Revised Downward To 1.6%

Another set of bad economic numbers are out today, and one wonders when we’ll start getting the good news.

Tea Party, Sarah Palin Endorsed Candidate Headed For Defeat In Alaska

Sarah Palin’s decision to back a long-shot candidate in the GOP Senate primary in Alaska didn’t exactly work out as planned.

Parking Space Economics

Free parking is a very inefficient use of land resources that wouldn’t exist without government mandates and subsidies. Is it time to end the practice?