Cell Phone Use On Airplanes? Not The Government’s Business

A bunch of people talking on cellphones during a plane flight would annoy the heck out of me, but the government shouldn’t be involved in deciding if it should be allowed.

US Army Honors Confederate Generals

At least one person wonders why the US Army honors Confederate generals.

November Jobs Report Stronger Than Expected

Some good numbers for November in the Jobs report, but questions about the future remain.

The Amazon Deal Won’t Save The USPS By Itself, But It’s A Start

Amazon’s new deal with the USPS offers a way out of the agency’s problems if only Congress would give up its last bit of control.

The F.D.A.’s Misplaced War On Trans Fats

The FDA is declaring war on trans fats. That’s a bad idea on many levels.

October Jobs Report Stronger Than Expected

A better than expected jobs report in October, but one that comes with a few caveats.

Sick Man Too Fat to Fly on British Airways

A 500 pound French man was denied a return flight by British Airways.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Anger Management Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Delayed September Jobs Report Disappoints

Nothing to write home about in the September Jobs Report.

Nobody For Virginia Governor

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has endorsed “none of the above” for governor of Virginia.

Bill Russell Arrested For Having Loaded Gun in Luggage

NBA legend Bill Russell was arrested earlier this week for having a loaded .38 in his luggage.

Being Speaker Of The House Isn’t What It Used To Be

Being Speaker of the House has become much more of a difficult job than it used to be.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Finding Nemo Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Auschwitz Kommandant’s Daughter

Washington Post Magazine profiles a local woman with a horrible secret: her father designed and ran Auschwitz.

White House: Possible Military Strikes Not Aimed At Regime Change In Syria

The White House confirmed today that the goal of any military intervention in Syria would be very limited. Which makes one wonder what the point of doing anything actually is.

Reduction Of Legal DUI Limit To .05 Looks Unlikely

Don’t expect the Federal Government to push for DUI reform.

TSA Expanding Beyond Airports

TheTransportation Security Administration is expanding its purview to train stations and sporting events.

State Department: Avoid Planet Earth, There Be Terrorists There

Al Qaeda may be up to something, so take no chances.

Big Money Republicans Not Giving To Ken Cuccinelli

Potential trouble for Virginia’s Republican nominee for Governor.

The Economics of Slavery

Some striking data to illustrate the role slavery played in the economy of the South.

June Jobs Report Positive, But Not Spectacular

June’s Jobs Report was healthy, but the economy still needs to do better.

An Automobile Showroom Where You Can’t Buy A Car

Thanks to archaic state laws, you can look at cars in a Tesla showroom, but in my states you can’t but anything there.

U.S. To Scrap Some Military Equipment Rather Than Take It Out Of Afghanistan

About $7 billion in military equipment now in Afghanistan will be scrapped rather than returned to the U.S.

The May Jobs Report: Steady, But Nothing To Write Home About

The jobs news in May was good, but far from great.

IRS Says IRS Conferences Followed IRS Rules

The IRS spent $50 million on 225 employee conferences. What did the taxpayer get in return?

AP: Administration Officials Using Secret Email Addresses

Several top Administration officials have secret email addresses, the Associated Press reports.

Did The Pentagon Exaggerate The Effects of Sequestration?

The sequestration cuts are two months old, and it seems pretty clear that the claims of doom we heard before they went into effect were heavily exaggerated.

The Virginia GOP’s E.W. Jackson Problem

The Virginia GOP’s nominee for Lt. Governor could pose a problem for the party.

Millennials Not Buying Cars or Even Getting Drivers Licenses

The under-35 set are buying cars at a lower rate than they used to.

NTSB: Lower Threshold For DUI From .08 To .05

A government panel is recommending that the BAC limit for drunk driving be lowered nearly 40%.

Senate Acts on Airport Delays

The Senate moved last night to end the airport delays caused by furloughing air traffic controllers.

Boston Was Shutdown Today. Should It Have Been?

An American city was essentially shut down today. Was that the right thing to do?

Shooting Sprees vs Organized Terrorist Attacks

We treat violence by lone individuals differently than organized violence. Race, religion, and national origin have nothing to do with that.

Mental Illness, The Law, And Individual Rights

Are we heading toward an era where a diagnosis of mental illness becomes an instrument for state oppression?

Another Disappointing Jobs Report

March’s Jobs Report was nothing to write home about.

Translating Military Experience into Gibberish

Conveying military experience to civilian human resources departments is hard.