Traffic Costs Americans $121 Billion Annually

Americans waste $121 billion a year because of traffic congestion.

Appeals Court Declares Obama Recess Appointments Unconstitutional

A potentially significant ruling on Separation Of Powers.

Virginia GOP Goes Redder as State Goes Purple

The bizarre dynamics of Virginia politics.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Commode of Transportation Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Some Respond To Election Results By Advocating Secession

Some people on the right apparently want to return to this map.

Modest Growth In Jobs Report Makes Its Election Impact Unclear

A mostly positive, but mixed, jobs report drops five days before Election Day

New York Marathon Diverts Scarce Resources After Sandy

Mayor Bloomberg has decided to hold the New York Marathon Sunday even though millions are still without power and the city infrastructure is unable to cope with normal activity.

Mid-Atlantic Braces For Sandy

The Mid-Atlantic region is under the gun.

Unemployment Rate Drops Below 8% Amid Weak Jobs Growth

September’s BLS Report will likely be significant but, behind the numbers, things don’t look all that great.

GDP And Durable Goods Figures Spell Bad News For The Economy

Newly released statistics indicate that the economy is slowing down and in danger of slipping into a recession.

TSA Detains Woman Over ‘Attitude’

TSA agents detained a woman for having the audacity to drink her water rather than hand it over for testing.

An Attack On Iran Would Be A Major, Mistaken, War

An attack on Iran’s nuclear program would be far more complicated than a one-off attack.

August Jobs Report Shows Continued Weakening Of Labor Market

Another bad jobs report threatens to undermine whatever good will the President had coming off the Democratic National Convention.

Family Research Center Shooter Charged, Tony Perkins Blames FRC Critics

Entirely unsurprisingly, the shooting at the Family Research Center’s office in Washington, D.C. is already being politicized.

US Trade Deficit Hits 18-Month Low

The combination of falling oil prices and increased exports has the US trade deficit at its lowest point since December 2010.

Everybody Hates Breezewood, Pennsylvania

An object lesson in bureaucracy and the reason why infrastructure projects aren’t as easy to complete as some think.

Revenge Of The RINOs?: Moderate Republicans In Congress Starting To Rebel

Moderate Republicans in the House are starting to become more assertive in voicing their frustrations with how Congress is operating.

Road Closures and Presidential Fundraising

Major metropolitan areas are routinely shut down for presidential fundraisers.

More on Voter ID

Another study shows that voter ID laws negatively affect a lot of Americans.

The Most Overlooked, And Important, Part Of The ObamaCare Decision

One part of the Supreme Court’s PPACA ruling has not received a lot of attention, but it has the potential to have a lot of impact in the future.

Gas Prices Set To Fall Below $3.00/Gallon, GOP Not So Suprisingly Silent

As gas prices fall, the politics of fuel prices are changing.

Does A President’s Cabinet Even Matter Anymore?

The President’s Cabinet is less a Team Of Rivals and more a Team Of Managers.

Factory Orders Drop In April, Signaling More Bad Economic News

Another sign this morning that the economic has been slowing, and may be contracting.

May Jobs Report: Dismal, Disappointing, See Also Disastrous

It’s another bad jobs report for May, and time once again to wonder how much slower this economy can get.

VDOT Proposes Gouging E-ZPass Customers

The Virginia Department of Transportation is seeking to raise money for toll roads through a user tax on their best customers.

GDP Revisions And Jobs Numbers Add Up To Grim Economic News

The economic statistics aren’t pointing in a very optimistic direction.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Sarkozy Car Cozy Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

DC’s Taxi System Hikes Fees, Frustrations

The price of a DC cab ride went up big time recently and neither riders nor cabbies are happy.

America’s Spending Habits

At the apex of the last economic boom, we were spending far less as a percentage of our income on food, clothing, and transportation than our predecessors of half a century before, with the surplus going mostly to education and health care.

Marine Sergeant Booted For Anti-Obama Facebook Comments

Marine Sergeant Gary Stein will soon be free to criticize the commander-in-chief all he wants. As a civilian.

No, It’s Not Martial Law, It’s Preparedness

No, the Obama Administration is not plotting to nationalize the economy in the name of some “national emergency.”

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Queasy Rider Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.