TSA Officers Allegedly Conspired To Grope “Attractive” Flyers

TSA abuse stories had kind of disappeared from the news, but they’re back now in a big way.

TSA Expanding Beyond Airports

TheTransportation Security Administration is expanding its purview to train stations and sporting events.

TSA Detains Woman Over ‘Attitude’

TSA agents detained a woman for having the audacity to drink her water rather than hand it over for testing.

TSA’s Security Through Bureaucracy

Security theater and the bureaucratic mentality.

Federal Appeals Court Rejects 4th Amendment Challenge To TSA “Nude” Image Scanners

A Federal Appeals Court says the full body image scanners showing up in airports are Constitutional.

TSA Workers Gain Right to Join Most Pointless Union Ever

TSA screeners will now have the right to join a union. Or at least a union that can’t actually negotiate much of anything.

Why Has ACLU Been Silent? Oh.

Complaints from Rush Limbaugh tthat the ACLU is ignoring the intrusions into America’s civil liberties by the TSA are completely unfounded.

The Year We Were Exposed

Statue of Liberty goes through airport scanner.

Americans Mad As Hell, Still Going to Take It

After days of hype, National Opt-Out Day fizzled. It’s a classic collective action problem.

Gate Rape

Gate Rape: Sexual groping of one’s genitalia at airport security by agents after a traveler refuses full body x-ray search.

Body Scanners on Trains, Boats, and Subways?

Looking to avoid airport body scanners? You might not be able to do it on any form of public transit if Janet Napolitano gets her way.

TSA Groping For Thee, But Not For Me

Top administration and congressional officials can skip the indignities of airport screening, even when they fly commercial.

The Security State

The People In Charge telling us that something is Necessary For Our Own Good makes a large number of people accepting of the inconvenience, no matter how asinine or unsupported by evidence.

TSA Pat-Down Leaves Cancer Survivor Covered in Urine

A retired special education teacher was left humiliated, crying and covered with his own urine after an enhanced pat-down by TSA officers.

Quote of the Day – Security Theater Edition

“It is not comfortable to come to work knowing full well that my hands will be feeling another man’s private parts, their butt, their inner thigh. Even worse is having to try and feel inside the flab rolls of obese passengers and we seem to get a lot of obese passengers!”

Ron Paul: Prosecute TSA Agents for Groping

Ron Paul has introduced a law (the “American Traveler Dignity Act”) that would punish TSA agents for groping and x-raying Americans.

TSA Forces Cancer Survivor To Show Prostestic Breast

Cathy Bossi, a U.S. Airways stewardess and cancer survivor, was forced to show her breast implants to TSA agents when her prosthetic implants triggered alarm during a pat-down.

TSA Grabs Junk

The Denver Post’s Craig Walker has captured this image of a TSA agent performing an “enhanced pat down.”

Backlash at TSA Security Finally Happening?

It appears that full body scanners, operated by leering yahoos under the cover of government authority, may finally be rousing the sheep who have meekly submitted to the absurd delays and indignities that have been piled on since 9/11 and sundry botched attempts.

Tales of Border Security

American cops increasingly think they can harass innocents in the name of keeping us safe.

Detroit Terror Plot

Clear Card Ceases

Airport Security Lines

Chairman Putin