Rolling Stone Walks Back Key Allegations Of Campus Rape Expose

An utter journalistic failure from Rolling Stone.

Report: Federal Civil Rights Charges Unlikely In Michael Brown Shooting Case

Reports from the Justice Department seem to be laying the groundwork for more disappointment for those hoping for charges against Officer Darren Wilson.

Why Top Students Are Being Rejected by In-State Colleges

Their places are being filled by students who pay higher tuition rates.

About That Poll Showing Alison Lundergan Grimes Leading Mitch McConnell

Could Alison Lundergran Grimes be surging? Maybe, but we’ll need more evidence to be sure.

Republicans Haven’t Reformed But May Win Anyway

Republican leaders continue to say stupid things. They may still retake the Senate in November.

Scientific Research Is Unreliable, Unreliable Scientists Report

Most peer-reviewed research is crap.

McAuliffe Wins, But Virginia Is Still A Purpleish State

The race for Virginia Governor turned out to be much closer than many predicted, but that should not be a surprise.

Rich Kids Go to Elite Colleges, Becoming Rich Adults

The economics of higher education is increasing the gap between rich and poor.

Rahm Emanuel 2016?

Rahm Emanuel is reportedly considering a 2016 presidential run. It’s a thin report.

Affirmative Action On The Ropes At The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court seems likely to severely limit the use of race-based preferences at public universities

Southern Whites Still Not Sold On Romney?

Mitt Romney still has problems with Southern whites that could pose problems for him in states like Virginia and North Carolina.

University of Virginia Refuses Obama Visit Request

UVA says a presidential visit isn’t worth the hassle or expense. They’re right.

Yale’s Second Rate Business School

While you might think of Yale as an elite school, it’s business school is ranked 21st–below Michigan State’s.

The Supreme Court’s New Limits On The Commerce Power

While it upheld the Affordable Care Act today, the Supreme Court also placed some clear limits on Congressional power. That’s a good thing.

Do Businessmen Make Good Presidents?

The Oval Office is nothing like a corporate boardroom.

Massachusetts Democrats Worried About Warren

Elizabeth Warren’s Senate campaign stumbled badly this week.

Rick Santorum And Conservative Anti-Intellectualism

A man who has three degrees from three public universities considers the President of the United States a “snob.”

State Of The Union Address Obsolete

In a 24/7 media climate, there is no single presidential thought that isn’t endlessly aired and debated.

Supreme Court Upholds Religious Exemption To Employment Discrimination Laws

A far-reaching decision from the Supreme Court protecting religious liberty.

Mitt Romney Walks Away Unscathed From Yet Another Debate

Watching last night’s debate, you would have been surprised to learn that Mitt Romney has any real opponents in the Republican race.

Gingrich, Virginia, and the Pundit’s Fallacy

Those of us who obsess over politics and policy on a daily basis in no way represent the typical voter.

Ohio Voters Overturn Public Union Restrictions

Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected a Republican law restricting the collective bargaining rights of public employees–and also rebuked the health insurance mandate central to ObamaCare.

Chris Christie Too Fat To Be President?

Can someone who doesn’t look like a GQ model make it in politics anymore?

The Absurdity Of Anti-Bullying Laws

The latest push for laws against bullying is another example of the Nanny State rum amok.

Virginia School District Bans Sherlock Holmes Book

The desire to shield children from controversy has led another school district to ban a classic novel.

Single-Sex Dorms Are No Sex Dorms?

Catholic University president John Garvey explains “Why We’re Going Back to Single-Sex Dorms.”

Can Congress Extend Director Mueller’s Term at the FBI?

Would it be unconstitutional for Congress to extend Mueller’s term?

Will Republicans Get Sane On The Debt Ceiling?

Wall Street says raise the debt ceiling. The Tea Party says no. What will the GOP do?

Disadvantages of an Elite Education

While elite schools confer many advantages on their graduates, they also wall them off from normal people and create an entitled, out-of-touch elite.

Academia’s Liberal Bias

Yet another study finds conservatives wildly underrepresented in higher education.

Test Taking Enhances Learning

A new study casts new light on the importance of testing students to reinforce their grasp of information.

When Innocent People Confess To Crimes They Didn’t Commit

Why do innocent people confess to crimes they didn’t commit, and what should we do about it ?

Learning About Learning

Most of what passes for conventional wisdom about learning is wrong.

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