Explaining The Conservative Love Affair With Vladimir Putin: It’s All About Opposing Obama

The bizarre conservative love affair with Vladimir Putin continues.

Middle Class Shopping Less at Lousy Stores, Eating Less at Lousy Restaurants

Demand for mid-range goods and services seems to be on the decline.

Amazon as Non-Profit

Does it matter if companies make a profit?

Amanda Knox and Double Jeopardy

The American justice system is unique.

Marines Delay Female Fitness Standards

The Marine Corps’ plan to make women take the same fitness test as men has hit a wee snag.

Consumers As Much To Blame For Late Deliveries As Amazon, FedEx, Or UPS

Consumers share some of the blame for the late delivery problems that last minute shoppers experienced this Christmas season.

UPS and FedEx Ruin Christmas for Late Shoppers

UPS and FedEx underestimated their capacity needs and failed to deliver packages in time for Christmas.

FCC To Look At Repealing Sports Broadcast Rules

The FCC is looking at re-examination of its sports broadcast rules. The NFL and other sports leagues should do the same thing.

Chris Christie Enters The Immigration Debate, And The Tea Party Won’t Like What He Did

Once again, Chris Christie seems to be directly challenging the right wing of his party.

North Korea Threatens The South, Again

The North Koreans are back to their old tricks.

Is A Stronger Executive The Cure For What Ails American Government?

David Brooks thinks that the problem with American Government is that the Presidency isn’t strong enough.

Time To Welcome Our Amazon Delivery Drone Overlords?

Jeff Bezos’s latest idea may never get off the ground, but it sure is interesting.

Chris Christie Leads Republican Field In 2016 Poll

Chris Christie has had a very good month, and it’s ending with him with a strong lead among potential Republican candidates for 2016.

Poll: Obamacare Woes Lead To Doubts About Obama’s Leadership

More bad poll numbers for the President and his party.

Employment Numbers Rigged Prior To 2012 Election? The Evidence Doesn’t Show It

Was the Jobs Report released one month before Election Day 2012 rigged? Despite a new report, there’s no evidence to suggest that it was.

Four Women Complete Marine Infantry Training; Marines Deem Pullups Too Dangerous for Women

The juxtaposition of two stories in the Marine Times strikes me as odd.

Roughly 40,000 People Have Enrolled In Obamacare To Date

Things don’t seem to be going well for the Affordable Care Act.

The Amazon Deal Won’t Save The USPS By Itself, But It’s A Start

Amazon’s new deal with the USPS offers a way out of the agency’s problems if only Congress would give up its last bit of control.

McConnell Fires A Shot Across The Bow Of The Tea Party

When it comes to the unfolding conflict inside the GOP, Mitch McConnell seems to have fired an opening shot.

Ted Cruz and the Fight for the Soul of the Republican Party

With key conservatives pushing for sanity, the grown-ups have a chance to take back the GOP.

Furloughs Killing Productivity at Pentagon

Sequestration is even dumber than we thought.

Sam Nunn’s Daughter Running for His Old Seat

Michelle Nunn is running for her dad’s old Senate seat.

IRS “Lookout Lists” Also Included Liberal Groups. So, Was It Bipartisan “Targeting?”

A new round of documents from the IRS, that aren’t really new, doesn’t really change the basic narrative on the IRS “targeting” story.

English Kids Eat Dog Poop

Apparently, the prospect of a thousand pound fine isn’t enough to persuade Bristol’s dog owners to clean up after their pooches.

Women Like Good Looking, Naked Men Says Science

Ronnie Koenig reveals “What Being Editor in Chief of Playgirl Taught Me About Female Desire.”

McAuliffe Leading Virginia Governor’s Race Between Two Guys Voters Don’t Like

Virginia’s voters really don’t seem to like their choices for Governor.

Boy Scouts Of America Votes To Admit Openly Gay Members

A major change in policy by the Boy Scouts.

Huckabee: Benghazi will Take Down the President (Worse than Watergate!)

Apparently, Benghazi has not faded (at least not for some).

The 2016 Democratic Nomination Is Hillary’s If She Wants It

For the moment, Hillary Clinton looks unbeatable if she chooses to run in 2016

Trying to Understand Benghazi!

A theory on why Benghazi will not die as a political issue.

Should We Continue To Subsidize Rural Mail Delivery?

It may have made sense to subsidize rural mail delivery once, that may not longer be the case?

The Army’s Leadership Problem

Tim Kane continues his campaign against the US military’s antiquated personnel system.

Just Say No To The Platinum Coin

Minting a Platinum Coin would be a really bad idea.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Commode of Transportation Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Answer to the Benghazi “Scandal”?

Has Petraeus provided the basic explanation for the administration’s immediate responses to Benghazi?

The UnSkewed Trend

In just four day the UnSkewed prediction has moved Obamaward.

GOP Unlikely To Grab Senate This Year, But They’ll Have Another Shot In Two Years

The GOP’s hopes of taking over the Senate in 2012 have all but slipped away, but there is another option.

On Election Eve, The Race Is Close But Obama Has The Advantage

The 2012 Election promises to be close in the Popular Voter, but President Obama still retains an Electoral College advantage.

2012 Congressional Election Predictions

OTB bloggers give their best guesses on the House and Senate races.

Previewing Tonight’s Foreign Policy Debate

The candidate’s meet for one last time tonight to talk about some of the most important issues in the world.

Presidential Race As Tight As It’s Ever Been

With sixteen days to go, the race for President is tied.

Love the Tracking? Hate the College (Redux)

National numbers can overstate regional preferences.