Why Government IT Sucks

Why the federal government is so bad at information technology and getting worse by the day.

NFL Games for Deployed Troops Stopped During Shutdown

The NFL donates its game broadcasts to troops deployed in harm’s way but they still won’t get to see them during the shutdown.

Tom Clancy Dead at 66

Tom Clancy, author of dozens of bestselling military thriller novels, has died aged 66.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Flotsam and Jetsam Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

New York Yankees Bid Farewell To A Legend

Exit, Sandman

Starbucks CEO: No Guns In Our Stores, Please

Starbucks is kindly asking customers not to bring guns to their stores.

Gerald Read, 58, Victim in Navy Yard Shootings

Cathy’s husband and Jess’ father, Jer, was killed in the shooting spree at the Navy Yard.

Multiple Casualties In Shooting At Washington Navy Yard

A shooting interrupts Washington D.C.’s Monday morning.

Taking Away Assad’s Spoon and Giving Him a Fork

f Assad is eating Cheerios, we’re going to take away his spoon and give him a fork.

Syria Mission Creep

Is U.S. planning against Syria moving beyond just chemical weapons?

Syria Intervention Looks Inevitable

Western military action in the Syrian civil war now appears likely.

Syria: What Now?

As President Obama’s red line has been crossed more brazenly, he continues to sound reluctant to intervene in Syria while positioning forces to do just that.

Army and Navy Cutting Generals and Admirals Ever So Slightly

The Army and Navy are finally doing something about brass bloat.

Military Sexual Assault Policy: No Consent with Alcohol?

The military is cracking down on sexual assault. The pendulum may be swinging too far.

Navy Bans Early Morning Alcohol Sales

Sailors will now be required to wait until 9 am to buy booze.

Navy Refuses to Track Money, Just Because

The Defense Department would like to get a handle on how it spends its money by 2017 but the Navy won’t go along.

White House and House of Representatives Clash on Civilian Pay

The two ends of Pennsylvania Avenue are clashing on defense appropriations.

Transgender Soldiers Next Barrier

Last month, a retired Navy SEAL came out as transgender. Those still in uniform, however, must serve in silence.

Guantanamo Detainees Will Get Parole-Style Hearings—Eventually

A late-night announcement that Gitmo detainees will get hearings raises more questions than it answers.

America Bombs Great Barrier Reef

Marine Harriers dropped four unarmed bombs into the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park last week after missing another target.

Breaking: Top Officers Live in Nice Houses

As Congress eyes the Defense budget for cuts, some are drawing attention to the lavish housing of our top brass.

Hollow Navy?

The United States has far and away the most capable navy on the planet. But it’s not very capable at the moment.

Obama Words on Military Sexual Assault Backfire

President Obama is rightly outraged by a wave of sexual assaults in the military. He unwittingly made them harder to prosecute.

US Navy Ships Deployed Near Egypt

The US Navy is moving transport ships near Egypt. Just in case.

Special Ops Troops’ Marriages Shaky, Survey Shows

A state of perpetual war is incompatible with good mental health and stable family relationships.

We Don’t Have a Secretary of the Air Force

Michael Donley announced he was stepping down as Secretary of the Air force in April and did so in June. No replacement has been named.

Hutchins War Crimes Conviction Overturned; Implications for Manning

The conviction of Marine Sergeant Lawrence Hutchins III for war crimes in 2006 has been overturned.

Navy Building Carrier Drone

The Navy is building a ridiculously expensive robot spy plane.

Royal Navy Updates Nelson’s Toast

For two centuries, British sailors have toasted their “wives and sweethearts.” No more.

Navy Sexual Assault Prevention Training at Sea

This is a problem of culture and leadership that can’t wait.

Military Judge: Obama’s Comments On Military Sex Abuse An “Undue Command Influence”

Did President Obama’s comments about taking a tough stand on military sexual assault constitute “undue influence” on specific cases? One military judge says that they did.

Kristin Beck, formerly Chris, penned her story of going from an elite Navy SEAL to a woman in the book "Warrior Princess." Kristin Beck, formerly Chris, penned her story of going from an elite Navy SEAL to a woman in the book "Warrior Princess."

Navy SEAL Comes Out as Transgender

Chris Beck spent 20 years as a Navy SEAL. Kristen Beck has written a book about her experiences.

Lincoln Chafee Officially a Democrat

The former Republican Senator and current Independent governor has come full circle.

Did The Pentagon Exaggerate The Effects of Sequestration?

The sequestration cuts are two months old, and it seems pretty clear that the claims of doom we heard before they went into effect were heavily exaggerated.

Christine Fox, ‘Top Gun,’ and the Casual Sexism of 1985

Christine Fox, the real-life inspiration for Charlie of “Top Gun,” and the casual sexism of 1985.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula Is Not A “Political Prisoner”

Debunking a conservative myth that has arisen in connection the Benghazi story.