Arming The Syrian Rebels Not Likely To Accomplish Anything

Arming the Syrian rebels may do nothing more than prolong a seemingly endless war, and pull the United States into a conflict it shouldn’t be involved in.

Go Navy

Why Terrorism Gets More Attention Than Gun Violence

My latest for The National Interest, “Why Terrorists Are Worse Than Guns,” has posted.

Did Special Forces Snipers Kill Americans After Katrina?

A former Navy SEAL charges that Blackwater snipers killed American citizens in New Orleans during Katrina’s aftermath.

Blue Angels Cancel Season

The Navy’s Blue Angels demonstration team has canceled the rest of its 2013 season in response to budget cuts.

Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, And The Limits Of Propriety

The reaction to President Obama’s comments about Kamala Harris raise interesting questions about propriety in the modern world.

North Korea’s Bluster: How Should We Respond?

So what, exactly, is going on in North Korea? And how should we respond to Kim’s bluster?

Distinguished Warfare Medal for Armchair Warriors

American troops may now earn the fourth highest combat medal from the comfort of their desk chair.

Hagel Will Be Confirmed, But The Hagel Battle Tells Us Much About The GOP

Chuck Hagel will be confirmed, but the campaign against him tells us much about the current state of Republican foreign policy

The Army’s Leadership Problem

Tim Kane continues his campaign against the US military’s antiquated personnel system.

America Cramped By Defensiveness?

Is America’s focus on defense weakening the country?

Clinton Romesha Next Medal of Honor Recipient

The first seven men to be awarded the Medal of Honor for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan received it posthumously. Clinton Romesha will be the fourth in a row that’s lived to meet the president.

Air Force Chief of Staff’s Hilarious New Uniform

From the Department of What The Hell Were They Thinking, I present Air Force Chief of Staff Mark Welsh’s new ceremonial uniform:

Transgender Woman Plays College Basketball to Little Controversy

Gabrielle Ludwig played college basketball as a man 25 years ago; now, she’s playing as a woman.

Veterans Write Shitty Novels, Too

It’s okay to criticize military veterans–even if you never served in the military.

Twitter Hoax: SEAL Who Killed bin Laden Killed in Battle

Trending on Twitter this morning: “R.I.P. Paul Davis. The Navy Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden died in battle today. Retweet to honor him.”

“New Black Panther Party” Panic Returns

It’s time to panic over anonymous guys in Philadelphia again, at least if you work at Fox News Channel.

Foreign Policy Debate Substantive Analysis: Defense Planning

One of the few areas of disagreement was how big our military should be.

Military Donates Essentially No Money to Candidates

The Center for Responsive Politics touts “Overwhelming Support for Obama” among military donors. The numbers show something more interesting: those associated with the military don’t give money to political campaigns.

Mitt Romney Once Again Misrepresents The Status Of The U.S. Navy

Mitt Romney is once again making completely false claims about the status of the United States Navy.

Afghanistan Eleven Years And 2,000 American Deaths Later

The Afghanistan War is officially eleven years old today.

Rand Paul Offers An Alternate Path On Foreign Policy For The GOP

Senator Rand Paul suggests the GOP may want to reconsider its foreign policy aggressiveness.

Would Romney Spend The Nation Into Debt To Increase Defense Spending? Yes, He Would

Left with a choice between their hawkish foreign policy and their supposed commitment to fiscal conservatives, Republicans will, without fail, spend the nation into debt.

Navy SEAL’s Book Disputes Official Account Of Bin Laden’s Death

A new book by one of the Navy SEALs involved in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden differs significantly from the official version put forward by the government.

Neil Armstrong, First Man On The Moon, Dies At 82

A true pioneer passed away today.

Dempsey: Military Must Remain Apolitical

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has a message for those who wear and have worn our country’s uniform: “We are not elected to serve; rather, we elect to serve.”

Obama, the Bin Laden Raid, and Secrecy

Charges that the Obama administration leaked classified information about the Osama bin Laden raid for political gain are bunk.

Republican SEALs Oppose Obama, Film at 11

Two groups of former special operations soldiers are opposing Obama. Their military bonafides are not their most interesting credentials.

SEALs Attack Obama For Politicizing Osama Raid, Leaking Intel

A group of former special operations and intelligence officers are criticizing President Obama for “Dishonorable Disclosures.”

Iran in the News

Some troubling, sad, and downright puzzling stories

Britain’s Golden Age Is Now?

Doug Saunders makes the counterintuitive claim that things are better for Britons than ever.

Romney Wimp Factor: Newsweek’s Tired Trope

Mitt Romney is no more of a wimp than George H.W. Bush or John Kerry.