Petraeus For Veep?

Drudge Report says Team Obama thinks CIA Director David Petraeus will be Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick.

Common Cause Files Ridiculous Lawsuit Against The Filibuster

Common Cause has filed a specious lawsuit alleging that the filibuster is unconstitutional.

Harry Reid Calls For Filibuster Reform, 15 Months Too Late

Harry Reid is apparently regretting not going forward with filibuster reform in January 2011.

The Battle For The Senate

The battle is on for control of the Senate, but whoever wins is likely to have a very slim majority.

Institutional Parameters Matter

The Senate didn’t have a productive 2011. Is this just a case of laziness?

No, Republicans Wouldn’t Eliminate The Filibuster

Worried the GOP might eliminate the filibuster if they gain control of the Senate? Don’t be.

Is Jon Huntsman the Future of the Republican Party?

The former Utah governor will almost certainly never be the GOP nominee. But someone like him will be soon.

Will Harry Reid’s “Nuclear Option” Make The Senate Better, Or Worse?

Harry Reid’s “nuclear option” has changed the rules of the game, for now.

Reid Triggers Nuclear Option Lite

Harry Reid is playing hardball, invoking a tactic that he himself decried being threatened when Republicans were in charge.

MA Senate Field Narrows

Veto Players and Governance

A political science-y response to the question of whether the system is broken.

Quorum Busting v. Filibustering

The funny thing is that the quorum-busting in WI is more like a filibuster ought to be: a true delaying tactic that eventually has to give way to a democratic outcome.

Carol Moseley Braun Next Chicago Mayor?

Chicago’s next mayor will be either Rahm Emanuel or Carol Moseley Braun.

2010: The Maturity Election?

Peggy Noonan argues that Tuesday’s elections shows that Americans want to be led by accomplished grown-ups and will reject people who seem empty or crazy.

Republicans Sweep Alabama

In my former home state of Alabama, Republicans won every major contest, save the one House seat specifically drawn to ensure a Democratic victory.

Harry Reid Considers It His Duty To Spend Your Grandchildren’s Money

Harry Reid think it’s his Constitutional duty spend other people’s money and bring it home to Nevada. His constituents seem to have other ideas this year.

O’Donnell Uses Palin Playbook

Like Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell is no fan of the press.

Can Murkowski Win As A Write In Candidate ? Don’t Say “No” Just Yet

While it will be difficult, the idea that Lisa Murkowski could win a write-in bid to retain her Senate seat is not at all implausible.

Nevada Poll: Bad News for Reid, Worse News for Angle

The numbers still show an exceptionally close Senate race in Nevada. They also show that a different GOP nominee would have meant a very different scenario.

Rand Paul Maintains A Lead In Kentucky

Rand Paul’s initial mis-steps after winning the Republican primary seem to be largely behind him.

Harry Reid’s Campaign Against Sharron Angle Having An Impact

Harry Reid has spent the summer trying to portray is opponent as a kook. So far, it’s working.

The Re-Invention Of Rand Paul

As the campaign in Kentucky heats up for the final sprint to November, Rand Paul seems to have succeeded in moving beyond many of the mis-steps that plagued him three months ago.

Crist Still Leads in Florida Polls

Crist’s gamble continues to appear to have been a good one.

More Politics 101 for Rand Paul (and his Supporters)

More Politics 101 for Rand Paul.

Day One Of Kagan Hearings Fail To Excite, Or Educate

Miss yesterday’s opening round of the Kagan hearings ? You didn’t miss much.