Trump To Postmaster General: Raise Rates On Amazon

President Trump continues his unhinged, and unsupported by facts, war on Amazon and its owner Jeff Bezos by pressuring an independent agency to raise shipping rates.

USPS Loses Billions Per Year, But Not Because Of Amazon

The Postal Service is losing billions of dollars, but not for the reasons the President claims.

The Amazon Deal Won’t Save The USPS By Itself, But It’s A Start

Amazon’s new deal with the USPS offers a way out of the agency’s problems if only Congress would give up its last bit of control.

Post Office: We Could Save Money By Making Customer Service Even Crappier

The Postal Service believes it can save itself by making service worse. Something about that doesn’t compute.

Privatizing The Post Office Is The Only Way To Save It

We are being warned once again that the Postal Service is on the verge of financial collapse. There really is only one solution.